Saturday, March 31, 2012


These are happy bikes.

I used to cycle.
360 mile trips.
I used to have amazing legs because of it.
Cycling was my only transportation for years.
I loved it because you see everything and it is really quiet except for the wind.
Until a huge dog decides that you should die by his jaws or a heart attack.

Bicycles are now a trend for weddings.
And they can be a fun theme.
But seriously everyone, themes should make some sense.
Or absolute nonsense just for the fun of it.
Themes can be based on a color, an item, an era, a book, whatever strikes your fancy.
And yes, we girls have been planning our weddings since we were 5 years old.
But I feel for some of these grooms.
God bless them for going along with their bride when she picks a rainbow butterfly sparkle theme.

This is not a wedding bicycle photo.
But the idea could be used by stacking it up with flowers,
or clowns, or something.
It is just too cute not to add to this post.

Bicycles AND a balloon bouquet?
See my post on balloons.
This is a couple in Russia I think.

Beach cruisers at a beach wedding?
Transportation that make sense.

I just had to add it.

These two actually look like real cyclists.

In China it makes sense to ride a bike.
Too many people means too many cars means too much smog.

This is cute.
Plus she has nice legs.

She is laughing because he can't get the bike with
two bodies to move in a dead grass meadow.

We haven't decided a theme for our wedding yet.
Still need to decide the venue.
But it won't be bicycles.
I will be damned if I am going to get my dress caught in the chain.
Now I realize that you will probably all say WTF when I post our wedding photos and you see our theme.
That was a reaction I heard more than once regarding my like of graffiti for a background for our venue.
Don't get me wrong, I abhor graffiti for the most part.
If you don't own the building it is not your canvas.
Keep your stupid spray can on your own stuff, your car, your room, your house.
Yes, I am being hypocritical.

I leave you with a final bicycle photo.
I swear if someone stole this happy bike
the Karma Gods would cut their feet off.

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