Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plan A - Never Gonna Happen

Plan A is over.
Hopes and dreams slashed.
In the gutter.
Stupid history.
Evidently the age and historical importance of the Old Mill Building is more important than my happiness.

The ceremony would have been possibly on the area to the right of the smaller roofless room with this sort of look.

The building was perfect.
Rustic and unique.
I could have made it so cool.
Some thought that it couldn't be done.
This would have been the entrance door.
Either billowing almost sheer curtains or burlap curtains.

I love the rustic look, old stone, no roof or door, parts of the mill sticking out.

And this would be the inside, at least sort of.

So on to Plan B.


Anonymous said...

My comment is not to comment.... I'm just gonna behave, n figure out what to do with all these cans of spray paint I bought off my tagger friends..... I'll keep my new porta-potty for campin tho....priorities you know....oh crap...i take back that no comment, comment, k? Cuz I did....comment that is..... :) me luvs ya AMBERBAMBER!! lol

Amber said...

Sharon, you are killing me