Sunday, July 20, 2008

Breakfast and Birds

I love breakfast on a day off. Particularly in the spring and early summer when you can open the windows and the morning is still quiet except for the birds singing to each other. I have a mockingbird that comes every year and sings all night long and into the morning. Sometimes Sophie and I sit on the front porch at 3 am and just listen. There is amazing beauty in life if we take time to stop for a moment and be at peace with the world. Obviously today was one of those days.

As much as I love full breakfasts of eggs, potatoes and pancakes, they are a little too filling most of the time. So I do not make them often unless there is company to share it with. Give me fresh squeezed orange juice and I will love you for life. A couple good Bloody Mary's and it is going to be a "big fun" day. A chocolate croissant warm from the oven and I am in heaven. But today, sweet white peaches from the fruit stand and rasberries with yogurt and almond granola. Dairy, fruit and grain, how could you go wrong health wise?

This is really simple but it tastes so light and fresh. I only use plain unsweetened yogurt for this, probably because I grew up on homemade yogurt with fresh garlic. You would need to have some middle eastern descent in you to understand why anyone would put garlic in yogurt, but no, we did not eat it for breakfast, mostly on grape leaf dolma.


1 c plain yogurt
1 ripe white peach
1/2 small basket rasberries
2 T honey
1/2 c granola
3 T toasted slivered almonds

Use 2 pretty glasses or dessert bowls.
Layer half of each item in the above order and repeat.

Serves 2