Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweethearts Table

I know things change over time, like when Herb on 2 1/2 men, who had been out of the dating world for many years and asked Charlie "Whatever happened to pubic hair?"
Things change.
Like pants....

And when did the wedding party table change to the bride and groom sitting at their own table?
I know some think it is romantic sitting together at what is called a 'sweethearts table' for their first dinner.

Not bad. But not for me.

This table needs to be pushed directly into the pool next to it.

Color scheme? Helloooo

Now, prepare yourself.

My oh my oh my!

I loved the traditional way of a head table facing everyone, bride and groom in the middle, attendants to each side.

Oops...FBI dinner

Okay, these party animals are not invited to our wedding.

A sweethearts table doesn't feel right for me.
I want to celebrate with everyone.

Like this.

Yeah, this too.

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