Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Something Naughty

I think every woman wants to feel sexy, especially for the man she is marrying.
Feeling sexy is very much about owning yourself, knowing yourself.
It is not about being perfect.
Most men find the sexiest thing about a woman is confidence and her responsiveness in bed.
They don't care if you are not perfect, you are naked and willing and they love you.

Fred wants me to wear a garter when we get married.
If I am going to wear a garter, it is going to be a sexy one.
To hell with price.
Okay, $100 max.
And hopefully less, but it will be the one I want.
He also doesn't get to see it beforehand, it is part of the mystery.
And no, we are not tossing it.
I am not sure I want my father and everyone to see Fred up my dress taking my garter off with his teeth.
It just seems a bit private.
Okay, and more fun in private.
More often than in the past this is a tradition that is being skipped.
Whatever works for you though.
I do think these photos give reason to consider what fits you, but they are quite hilarious.

This is a nice change, but you know there is no underwear under
a kilt, so plan where to stand to avoid the whole view.

And then the most likely drunken tom cat
crawling his way to under her dress.

I think this tops them all.

Yeah, I might skip that in the middle of the floor.
We will see.
Garters can fit your theme and/or colors, with prices all over the board.
After writing this post, I went to one of the large bridal stores online, don't waste your time unless you do not really care about a nice garter, they were really really sad and very boring.
All but one of these below were found on Etsy and have the links, except one, sorry.
Often they come with two, one to keep and one to toss.
There were so many different garters and also a ton that were so very typical.
If you don't know about Etsy, you should.
Send me a finders fee.
These are my favs....

Crap, I lost the link for this one.
Somewhere on Etsy.

Anyways, enjoy your search.
And the rewards of your choice.

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