Monday, March 26, 2012


A nice thing about getting married at this age, is I am free to choose to skip any traditions that I do not like.
And since we are paying for it ourselves, we get to make all the decisions and I am to the point in life where I stand up for myself a bit better.
I am not a big fan of wedding trends partly because most are for younger couples.
Hence no unity candle to dust for the next 35 years.
No unity sand to find a place for on the mantle.
I would most likely knock it over along with Fifi's ashes and that would just be so sad.
I don't have to throw a bouquet to young women who don't want to catch it anyways.
We don't have to cut the cake for a photo, hell, we don't even have to have cake.
Really, what is the big deal with cutting a cake?
And no, I am not having those cute little adorable cupcakes that make you wish they were 3 times as big.
I still prefer the bride to save the first look for her walk down the aisle.
And I don't want to sit at a table by ourselves at the reception.

I am also not a fan of stuffy and staid.
I might be 54 but I am neither matronly nor proper.
A wedding should be a celebration of whatever is the true to the heart of the couple.
Not what is popular or what is expected.
As a woman there is a level of dignity which is so lovely.
As a girl there is fun.
The two can work together

There are many things that do not fit my personal wedding style, typewriters, suitcases, mason jars, bunting, balloons, cupcakes, candy stations, bicycles, mustaches.
Well maybe balloons as decor if they are done right, but I am not going to hold them for a photo.
And jumping.
Why does everyone jump now?

What I do love is chandeliers, draperies, long tables, lighting, burlap, peonies, hydrangeas, baby breath, and Fred.
Yeah, he is the guy I am marrying.

So, let's begin with the balloon trend.
Balloons are for birthdays.
And children.
And clowns.
Okay, balloons in pretty colors make me happy.
Perhaps I could deal with balloons at my wedding IF....

I were getting married in Paris.
Paris France.
Not Paris Texas.

And this is fun and festive.
Daytime outdoor wedding.
The balloons look like flowers in the air

I don't believe I have ever seen balloon sellers hanging around the farm.

For color yes.
Otherwise I just don't get it.

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon.
It is a song.
You had to be there.
Hence my being old.

Yeah, they are a sweet couple in love,
but where did the forest balloons come from?

Like I said, it is a trend.
In 5 years I don't think you will see balloons at weddings.
Or a lot of things that are cool at the moment.
Tried and true traditional are always beautiful and classic but a bit impersonal.

Or maybe I am just old.

I do love the humor of this one for an engagement shoot.

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