Saturday, May 10, 2014

To my 3 children....
Tomorrow is Mothers day.
The 33rd one for me.
I am so very grateful that I was blessed with children.
Not everyone is given the chance to love a child.
I think being a mother is something no one can begin to fathom
     until they actually experience it.
It changes you as a person.
I love each of you more than I ever imagined was possible.
I have cried more tears than I thought I had and smiled with more
     joy than I knew existed.
I watched you grow and learn and shine like stars.
I saw the tenderness of your hearts and souls.
I have prayed on my knees for each of you more often than you
     will ever know.
I prayed that you would choose well in your life, that you would
     keep your faith and be blessed by God.
I prayed that I would be given wisdom and strength to raise you
     the best I could.
I loved your little arms around my neck and the smiles on your
     faces when I came in the door from work.
I loved reading stories at bedtime and the sound of your giggles.
I just really loved being your mommy.
You are all adults now, choosing your own path in life.
I think about each of you every single day and I miss you with my
     whole heart.
I still pray for you every day, I always will.
It has been my pleasure loving each of you.
Choose well, this is your life.
Happy Mothers day because I have been blessed.