Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Theme - ONE !!!

There are so many things I love regarding weddings.
Not rustic or vintage, but I do think I love close to one million ideas.
That won't work. 
I am trying to be cohesive but things just keep tugging at my design heart.
Like this....

Country sunflowers glam'd up....

Bohemian, twirling in a meadow with this on my head and gypsy music....

Love the colors and spheres for a modern look.....

And then there is this totally fun wedding....

Garden chic....

pretty walkway to the party

Gorgeous wood cupcake tower, although I would use it for cheese, bread and fruit....

And if you decide to elope, do it right and photo worthy....

such a cute photo.

But it will be at night and in winter on New Years Eve, so probably more like this....

White and simple....

Pretty lights like stars in the night sky....

Champagne, because it is our wedding AND New Years Eve....

And this will be what I feel like on the inside....

sparkle explosion--what an exit!

Well of course I would also love this as our exit, with donations it could be possible.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Places Everyone

The tables were set by the chimney with care.
In hopes that....
Oh wait that is a different story.
In the beginning....
Uh oh.
Okay, the tables got done.
Places everyone.


'Above the Clouds'
I love teak plates and have used them when I did an East Indian table.
But as chargers....great idea, and under clear square plates.
I would not have used a plain white tablecloth with these dishes etc., it just needed a little texture underneath, and this did not work with the theme and centerpiece of an angel in clouds.

'New Years Eve in New York city'
My favorite part of this is the flatware.
The color was beautiful and sort of luminescent.
My wedding is on New Years Eve so this was a fun table for me to see.
The use of blue, white and silver is a very traditional scheme for New Years Eve, although we are going with black, white and gold.

'Celebrate the Season'
What was interesting was the mug set in the bowl on its side.
Change things up.
People will notice and think you are a creative genius.

'Quiet Moment with Amy Tan'
The gold metal place mats really were the wow factor here, but the tablecloth, napkins, dishes and glassware were all beautiful and the whole table worked well together.

'The Year of the Dragon'
Love these dishes.
Hate this table covering with them.
No, no, no.

'Bridal Shower for Amanda'
Pretty chargers and an even prettier table covering.

'Come Watson...The game is afoot'
Fun table.
The colors, butterscotch colored chargers, black and white I can not remember what the pattern is called checks under the chargers and diy wrapped around the stems of the glassware and mugs, and especially the clues.

I am not sure how to fold this but it is a great way to add a little something to your table.

'Snowflake Couture'
Loved the place settings, hated the centerpiece, it was far too simple, skinny and sparse for the beautiful setting.
Large square gold chargers, smaller round silver chargers, beautiful mix of dishes and an amazing table covering.

'A Hot Time in Old Town Tonight'
A tribute to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.
The setting was well done, black, white, gold chargers with clear plates on top and a musical note set between, music table cloth and ribbon around the napkins.
But please pay attention to the details, angle the flatware if you choose, but don't forget to fix it if angled was not the plan.

'Winter Wonder'
At first I could not understand why oh why there were dried up carrots and some prunes on every other salad plate.
Then I happened to step back and 'duh', a snowman.
What a moron I was.
A small napkin and knife for a hat, napkin and bells for a scarf and fork and spoon for arms.
It was really cute once I got a clue.

'The Mercury is Falling'
Each place had a different piece of pewter and they were all very to die for.
I loved this table, just a different table cloth with a bit of something deserving of the plates and mercury glass centerpiece.

Just well done.
My favorite part is the little silver plates with trees and Santas.

'You're a Grand Old Flag'
Simple, affordable and fun.
The napkin rings are ornaments I think with a bandana for a napkin.

'Into the Woods'
Ferns and twigs centerpiece that was beautiful, wood slices for chargers, branches for candle holders and a moss topper.
I love these Amber colored square plates.

Once again, just a little creativity makes a huge difference, this time with a bit of burlap ribbon.

'Aren't Babies Grand'
A baby shower table that was okay.
But what was on the chair back was adorable.

A vintage stork and baby, what's not to love?

The branch risers are very diy, but what I like is the criss cross twine wrapped utensils.
If you do not have fancy flatware, then dress up the presentation.

'Camel Lot'
First, I love the name of this table.
Part of the fun when I still volunteered was coming up with a name.
Everything is perfect here, especially the gilded tea glasses.
My maternal grandparents came from the middle east and I grew up with these.
Don't have camel plates?
Just stick a print of one under a glass plate.

'Free Bird'
These were my favorite plates of the event.
Everyone had their jeweled initial at their place.

Okay, these dishes took 2nd place in my heart, probably because they remind me of when I was young.
The napkins were also beautiful.

So there you have it.
Until next year that is.

Often more tables are added after the programs have been printed and I could not remember all the table names so if I did not put it that is why.
Something I have suggested before is to keep a set of clear glass plates around.
Don't use them every day because they lose their sparkle after awhile, but they are so versatile.
Slap a beautiful oversized paper plate underneath and the color just pops creating every holiday you can think of.
Use a charger and in between you can slip photos, fern stems, flowers or petals, doilies, pretty paper, etc..
Instead of a charger you can use the photos from a favorite calendar.
These are the most versatile plates ever and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Table Time

Where I live there is a yearly table setting luncheon to raise money for one of the original family mansions. 
Yep, even back in the old days there were the 'haves' and the 'have nots'.
I am a fan of socialism done right....everyone works, everyone gets a fair share.
But since this 'have' guy is dead I can contribute to the historical cause.
Boy do the elections get a lot of us pissy.
Me, obviously so.
If you have never been to a table decorating luncheon you are missing out.
Okay, if you are real testosterony then you should probably steer clear, it is pretty girly.
I actually volunteered setting a table for 11 years and attended for many more.
I do miss it, the creative challenge, the other ladies, watching everyone's design from start to finish.
But this year my focus is on my own wedding tables and such.
Perhaps next year I will volunteer and do a wedding table.
Maybe I am jaded from so many years of this, or the ones who did the most creative tables have now sort of retired from the event, but the 'wow' seems less than it used to.
It can get quite expensive to be involved unless you have lots of lovely stuff, but I have done all my tables working out of Target, Wal Mart, thrift stores and a whole lot of diy.
Creativity can work wonders.
Anyways, the luncheon is on the 2nd day and after a morning of creation it is opened up for a viewing.
Double cash flow....$35 for the luncheon, $10 for punch and dessert and viewing.
After so many years involved in one way or another, I see the good and the things that should have a bit more thought.
My comments are not to be unkind, just to give a better direction for those who may consider this or for an at home gathering.
Details, details, details.
These were my favorite centerpieces from the event, and they are always better in person.


The soldier was quite large which I love for the 'wow' factor, and the whole table was beautiful. 
You do not always need to follow the rules when it comes to design. 
Sometimes huge is worth it. 
As they say....'Go big, or go home.'

The arraingement was very nice and I like it being raised, but this table was Asian, the plant table needed to be more ornate and the single candle at the bottom of it just did not make sense. 
I would have considered a pile of fortune cookies, or a smaller version of the florals.

This was a bridal shower table. 
I love the wedding cakes, which I think were candles, on the cake platters, but the florals were too tight and supermarket simple, and the veils just didn't work. 
I think that a few clear vases with single color flowers in each would have worked better. 
The tulle could have been used better on the chair backs.

Let's just ignore everything but the copper vase and flowers. 
This shows how if you have a large container, you can actually use potted flowers and just mix them in. 
A great idea if time is an issue.

This was so pretty. 
A low simple centerpiece and at each place setting a smaller version in a teacup.
It worked really well.

Simple sunflowers, full and beautiful.

This was beautiful, lots of mercury glass, trees set atop candle holders for height, and lots of other pieces, subtle and shimmery.

And I just noticed the tall tree on the front left with the star base, I have that. 
Okay, now I like this even more.

How fun for a picnic this would be and very affordable. 
It would be wonderful if you have some old time veterans in your family, imagine their pride when they see this. 
I love the smaller flags in potted greenery encircling the larger centerpiece.

Oh, I really, really wish this was brighter.
Ferns and twigs.
It was gorgeous.

Basically the same feel as an arbor or arch, which means if you have those then you can do this.
Hanging candles is a big trend right now, but definitely use more than 2 candles, and be careful of the wood and vines above the flame.

A camel table, which has been done before with a Moroccan theme.
The pomegranates, velvets, ornate gold, etc. made a far more beautiful table than this photo allows.

These were small arrangements set around the center, the colors were beautiful.

Beautiful colors, set into a garden hat.

Almost any theme can work.
Push your creative limits.
Think outside the box, hell get rid of the box.
Entertaining should be fun for both you and your guests.

Friday, October 5, 2012

R.S.V.P. Fun

Wikipedia states the following....

Emily Post

The high society of England adopted French etiquette in the late 18th century, and the writings of Emily Post aim to offer a standard no more stringent than that tradition. Late 20th century editions building on her 1920s beginning work say, e.g., that "Anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it is obliged to reply....", and some recent editions describe breaching this standard as "inexcusably rude".
Emily Post advises anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it must reply promptly, and should reply within a day or two of receiving the invitation.

[edit]Responding as notice of attending

While an RSVP request expects responses from both those attending and not attending - there is discussion suggesting many people misunderstand the concept and do not respond if they are not attending.

[edit]RSVP, regrets only

The phrase "RSVP, regrets only", or simply "Regrets only" is a popular modern variation on the Emily Post RSVP, with the effect (if most of the invitations are accepted) of reducing the communication effort by both host and guests. The host thereby indicates an intent to treat lack of a response offering regrets (e.g., "I regret I cannot attend ....") as indicating intention to be present at the event, and obviates response by attendees.

My thoughts along with many others is that R.S.V.P.'s can get a little boring.
Sort of the same old same old.
Or maybe a bit too stuffy and proper for your personal style.
Below are some of my favorite fun ways to say 'Yep' or 'Naw'.

___  Will be attending or everyone will talk about us
___  Will not be attending but we have spies so watch yourselves  

___  Will be there with bells on
___  Will be there….undecided about the bells
___  Will be there regardless of the bell controversy
___  Will not be there….heard there were people wearing bells
___  Will not be there….would loved to have worn bells

___  Thumbs up
___  Thumbs down

___  Shall attend and celebrate with you
___  Regrets not being able to attend

___  Will tip toe through the tulips with you
___  Sorry, don’t have a green thumb

___  Can’t wait
___  Can’t come

___  To be
___  Not to be

___  Gladly attend
___  Regretfully decline
___  Regretfully attend
___  Enthusiastically decline
___  Will decline to respond but ultimately attend
___  Think you are just trying to wrest a gift out of us

Respondez S’il Vous Plait
___  I don’t speak French, but if you want to know if we are          coming….Yes !
___  Pardon my French….We no can come’.

___  You can bet your bottom dollar, we will attend !
___  No, But if you send us your bottom dollar we will attend !
___  Just kidding about the above statement. We still can’t attend.

___  Come rain or shine or sleet or snow or tornado or earthquake or hurricane or 
         typhoon…. we will be there !
___  Very sorry, we don’t work for the post office and will be unable to attend.

___  We are So there dude !
___  Sorry, surf’s up.

'This one is pretty from Zazzle

Or this double happiness one from Purple Wedding Invitations

Basically the choices are endless, every color, theme, style, etc. that you could imagine.
I am making them and of course calling everyone who doesn't respond.
The part I like is the reply by date is 12-12-12.
How could that not stick in your noggin?