Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Our wedding will most likely be quite intimate, 30 or less people.
Also being older, I don't feel the need or appropriateness of a large wedding party.
If we have attendants it will be my 2 daughters and Fred's choice.
But....if we were having a large wedding, these, are not even a slight drunken possibility.
I mean OMG!
Who hates their bridesmaids this much?

This looks like DOT candies.

I think these glow in the dark.

Shiney does not make ladies look thin.

Whipped butter.

Barney the flamenco dancer.

Too much red, too much ruffle, too much everything.

Of course you can wear it again. Bahahaha.

3 people wide.

The blue ruffles look like ocean waves.

Look at me look at me look at me.

Align Left

Do you really want your groom and your father to look at your bridesmaids and think 'I need to hit that'.

Now for the dresses that a bride who actually likes her bridesmaids would choose.
Pretty, classy, and wearable.

Black, off the shoulder, tasteful satin.

So lovely, ladylike, beautiful color.

Gorgeous evening dress.

Sweet grey strapless dress.

Plum, ruffles and so rewearable.

Sweet short evening dress.

One shoulder navy dress.

Dramatic asymmetrical ruffle.

Great black short dress.

Okay, I cave on sexy with this one.

So what will my daughters wear?
That is a surprise.

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