Sunday, February 26, 2012

Plan A

We don't really have a plan B so as long as plan A is accepted we can begin.
Otherwise it will be back to square one.

First things first obviously.
Where and when.
Once those two decisions are made, then the details can begin.
'Where' can help decide the style of the ceremony and reception.
'When' helps decide colors and decor.

Let me clarify....First you need to become engaged.
Then discuss your budget.
Then we go back to first.

I am far more difficult to please than Fred when it comes to design and food.
Luckily he is open to ideas.
Basically I am in charge of putting ideas together and then he gets to love or hate them.

If you know me, then you know that I don't like normal.
I look very normal, but I wish I looked exotic.
Our house looks normal from the street, but is interesting on the inside.
If everyone is doing it, then I probably don't want to.

People suggested we get married at a winery.
Everyone does that in California, um, no.
I thought, a brewery perhaps even though I hate beer.
That would be way more fun.
People suggested getting married on the beach.
Sort of did that already, so, no.
A restaurant for the reception was suggested.
Nice idea, but I want the ceremony and reception at one venue and that would get too pricey for any restaurant that I would settle for.
City hall.
Ours isn't old and beautiful.
Only for my 9th marriage and only while drunk and by an Elvis impersonator.
At home.
Other peoples yards.
That is a lot to ask.

Now that you know everything I don't like here is what I do....
Old buildings.
Vintage train stations and rail cars.
Barns (not the stinky ones).
Rooftops with a view.
Airplane hangers.

One of the first places we went on a daytime date was to Knights Ferry.
Having sort of grown up here I have been there many times.
It is beautiful, on the Stanislaus River, just outside of the valley towns and beginning of the foothills and gold country.
Knights Ferry also has the longest covered bridge in California and was a trading post and mill back in 1800's.

This was the Tullochs Mill Building back in 1936.

And the same building now.


Absolutely perfect.
Yeah, I know, WTF?
Like I said, I prefer interesting.
The larger part in back is fenced off, but the front building is what I am interested in.
Perfect for a small reception.
And the ceremony could be just outside or on the bridge or on the boulders overlooking the river.
Although as clumsy as I am that may not be a great idea.

And this is inside so I get to plan around it.
How cool is that?

There are also two drop offs to death (well not actually death but it sounds pretty ominous don't you think), which would be blocked with buffet tables or trees.
Since we will have 30 people at the most and no children, and the park closes at sunset, I don't see a problem.

Well yeah, one.
We have to be approved.
The area is part of Stanislaus River Parks and the building is old and historical.
So fingers and toes crossed.
Or back to square one.

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