Friday, October 5, 2012

R.S.V.P. Fun

Wikipedia states the following....

Emily Post

The high society of England adopted French etiquette in the late 18th century, and the writings of Emily Post aim to offer a standard no more stringent than that tradition. Late 20th century editions building on her 1920s beginning work say, e.g., that "Anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it is obliged to reply....", and some recent editions describe breaching this standard as "inexcusably rude".
Emily Post advises anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it must reply promptly, and should reply within a day or two of receiving the invitation.

[edit]Responding as notice of attending

While an RSVP request expects responses from both those attending and not attending - there is discussion suggesting many people misunderstand the concept and do not respond if they are not attending.

[edit]RSVP, regrets only

The phrase "RSVP, regrets only", or simply "Regrets only" is a popular modern variation on the Emily Post RSVP, with the effect (if most of the invitations are accepted) of reducing the communication effort by both host and guests. The host thereby indicates an intent to treat lack of a response offering regrets (e.g., "I regret I cannot attend ....") as indicating intention to be present at the event, and obviates response by attendees.

My thoughts along with many others is that R.S.V.P.'s can get a little boring.
Sort of the same old same old.
Or maybe a bit too stuffy and proper for your personal style.
Below are some of my favorite fun ways to say 'Yep' or 'Naw'.

___  Will be attending or everyone will talk about us
___  Will not be attending but we have spies so watch yourselves  

___  Will be there with bells on
___  Will be there….undecided about the bells
___  Will be there regardless of the bell controversy
___  Will not be there….heard there were people wearing bells
___  Will not be there….would loved to have worn bells

___  Thumbs up
___  Thumbs down

___  Shall attend and celebrate with you
___  Regrets not being able to attend

___  Will tip toe through the tulips with you
___  Sorry, don’t have a green thumb

___  Can’t wait
___  Can’t come

___  To be
___  Not to be

___  Gladly attend
___  Regretfully decline
___  Regretfully attend
___  Enthusiastically decline
___  Will decline to respond but ultimately attend
___  Think you are just trying to wrest a gift out of us

Respondez S’il Vous Plait
___  I don’t speak French, but if you want to know if we are          coming….Yes !
___  Pardon my French….We no can come’.

___  You can bet your bottom dollar, we will attend !
___  No, But if you send us your bottom dollar we will attend !
___  Just kidding about the above statement. We still can’t attend.

___  Come rain or shine or sleet or snow or tornado or earthquake or hurricane or 
         typhoon…. we will be there !
___  Very sorry, we don’t work for the post office and will be unable to attend.

___  We are So there dude !
___  Sorry, surf’s up.

'This one is pretty from Zazzle

Or this double happiness one from Purple Wedding Invitations

Basically the choices are endless, every color, theme, style, etc. that you could imagine.
I am making them and of course calling everyone who doesn't respond.
The part I like is the reply by date is 12-12-12.
How could that not stick in your noggin?

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