Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save The Date

Fred would marry me today at city hall.
But I am a girl, well an old girl, but still a girl.
I want family, a few friends, romance, celebration and sweet memories.
Unfortunately I also do not like being the center of attention so I am a bit hypocritical in this whole idea since sharing the most intimate promise of your heart with the one you have chosen to spend forever with, right smack in front of people sort of puts you at the center of attention.
But a wedding there will be.
In 4 months.
I have a lot to do.
Our wedding will be mostly DIY for many reasons.
1. I love doing this stuff
2. Cost
3. Size, 30-36 people
4. Originality

Once you decide the date, colors and theme then the first thing to send out is 'Save the Date' cards so everyone will put you on their calendar instead of deciding to have a yard sale that same day.
Since the wedding is new years eve it helped me decide on the look of the cards, glittery, scrolly writing, a bit formal.
Well of course, you also have to decide your guest list first because you don't want to send these out to people and then not invite them to the wedding.
It would really suck if someone got a 'save the date' and then was sitting around on that day all dressed up thinking they would get the call any minute cause perhaps it was a flash mob wedding not realizing that they actually have nowhere to go.
And you would suck for it.
You can always invite more, you can not un-invite, so definitely keep track.

I decided to do the paper stuff the dates, invites/rsvp and thank you's.
Have I ever created cards before?
Did I know what I was doing?
Are they perfect?
Actually not too bad.

It is important to tie things together.
If you go to a custom stationer, a good professional will create a set of 'save the dates' 'invitations' 'rsvp's' and 'thank you's' that are all of the same papers and print, just a little different in each one, which is also what I am attempting to do on my own.

I decided to find a font online that was formal and pretty.
There were some that were beautiful, really really scrolly (yeah, it's not a word) and elegant, but in reality, scrolly doesn't work if you can't read it.
What did those people do in the scrolly word days?
Seriously, many couldn't read anyways, but then the scrolly stuff comes out and well you might as well have stuck your pointy snobby nose up in the air at all the peasants around you.
So, back to my less scrolly font.
It is called 'Respective' and was free, and took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out where it ended up on my computer since I am not very techy (yeah, probably not a word either).

And this is what it took, plus a bit of courage....
12 x12 scrapbook paper in a light gold glitter
Gold velum
Respective font
Paper cutter
Corner and edge punch
Velum tape
Champagne envelopes
Large & and small (detail) paper scissor

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