Friday, October 19, 2012

Table Time

Where I live there is a yearly table setting luncheon to raise money for one of the original family mansions. 
Yep, even back in the old days there were the 'haves' and the 'have nots'.
I am a fan of socialism done right....everyone works, everyone gets a fair share.
But since this 'have' guy is dead I can contribute to the historical cause.
Boy do the elections get a lot of us pissy.
Me, obviously so.
If you have never been to a table decorating luncheon you are missing out.
Okay, if you are real testosterony then you should probably steer clear, it is pretty girly.
I actually volunteered setting a table for 11 years and attended for many more.
I do miss it, the creative challenge, the other ladies, watching everyone's design from start to finish.
But this year my focus is on my own wedding tables and such.
Perhaps next year I will volunteer and do a wedding table.
Maybe I am jaded from so many years of this, or the ones who did the most creative tables have now sort of retired from the event, but the 'wow' seems less than it used to.
It can get quite expensive to be involved unless you have lots of lovely stuff, but I have done all my tables working out of Target, Wal Mart, thrift stores and a whole lot of diy.
Creativity can work wonders.
Anyways, the luncheon is on the 2nd day and after a morning of creation it is opened up for a viewing.
Double cash flow....$35 for the luncheon, $10 for punch and dessert and viewing.
After so many years involved in one way or another, I see the good and the things that should have a bit more thought.
My comments are not to be unkind, just to give a better direction for those who may consider this or for an at home gathering.
Details, details, details.
These were my favorite centerpieces from the event, and they are always better in person.


The soldier was quite large which I love for the 'wow' factor, and the whole table was beautiful. 
You do not always need to follow the rules when it comes to design. 
Sometimes huge is worth it. 
As they say....'Go big, or go home.'

The arraingement was very nice and I like it being raised, but this table was Asian, the plant table needed to be more ornate and the single candle at the bottom of it just did not make sense. 
I would have considered a pile of fortune cookies, or a smaller version of the florals.

This was a bridal shower table. 
I love the wedding cakes, which I think were candles, on the cake platters, but the florals were too tight and supermarket simple, and the veils just didn't work. 
I think that a few clear vases with single color flowers in each would have worked better. 
The tulle could have been used better on the chair backs.

Let's just ignore everything but the copper vase and flowers. 
This shows how if you have a large container, you can actually use potted flowers and just mix them in. 
A great idea if time is an issue.

This was so pretty. 
A low simple centerpiece and at each place setting a smaller version in a teacup.
It worked really well.

Simple sunflowers, full and beautiful.

This was beautiful, lots of mercury glass, trees set atop candle holders for height, and lots of other pieces, subtle and shimmery.

And I just noticed the tall tree on the front left with the star base, I have that. 
Okay, now I like this even more.

How fun for a picnic this would be and very affordable. 
It would be wonderful if you have some old time veterans in your family, imagine their pride when they see this. 
I love the smaller flags in potted greenery encircling the larger centerpiece.

Oh, I really, really wish this was brighter.
Ferns and twigs.
It was gorgeous.

Basically the same feel as an arbor or arch, which means if you have those then you can do this.
Hanging candles is a big trend right now, but definitely use more than 2 candles, and be careful of the wood and vines above the flame.

A camel table, which has been done before with a Moroccan theme.
The pomegranates, velvets, ornate gold, etc. made a far more beautiful table than this photo allows.

These were small arrangements set around the center, the colors were beautiful.

Beautiful colors, set into a garden hat.

Almost any theme can work.
Push your creative limits.
Think outside the box, hell get rid of the box.
Entertaining should be fun for both you and your guests.

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