Saturday, October 20, 2012

Places Everyone

The tables were set by the chimney with care.
In hopes that....
Oh wait that is a different story.
In the beginning....
Uh oh.
Okay, the tables got done.
Places everyone.


'Above the Clouds'
I love teak plates and have used them when I did an East Indian table.
But as chargers....great idea, and under clear square plates.
I would not have used a plain white tablecloth with these dishes etc., it just needed a little texture underneath, and this did not work with the theme and centerpiece of an angel in clouds.

'New Years Eve in New York city'
My favorite part of this is the flatware.
The color was beautiful and sort of luminescent.
My wedding is on New Years Eve so this was a fun table for me to see.
The use of blue, white and silver is a very traditional scheme for New Years Eve, although we are going with black, white and gold.

'Celebrate the Season'
What was interesting was the mug set in the bowl on its side.
Change things up.
People will notice and think you are a creative genius.

'Quiet Moment with Amy Tan'
The gold metal place mats really were the wow factor here, but the tablecloth, napkins, dishes and glassware were all beautiful and the whole table worked well together.

'The Year of the Dragon'
Love these dishes.
Hate this table covering with them.
No, no, no.

'Bridal Shower for Amanda'
Pretty chargers and an even prettier table covering.

'Come Watson...The game is afoot'
Fun table.
The colors, butterscotch colored chargers, black and white I can not remember what the pattern is called checks under the chargers and diy wrapped around the stems of the glassware and mugs, and especially the clues.

I am not sure how to fold this but it is a great way to add a little something to your table.

'Snowflake Couture'
Loved the place settings, hated the centerpiece, it was far too simple, skinny and sparse for the beautiful setting.
Large square gold chargers, smaller round silver chargers, beautiful mix of dishes and an amazing table covering.

'A Hot Time in Old Town Tonight'
A tribute to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.
The setting was well done, black, white, gold chargers with clear plates on top and a musical note set between, music table cloth and ribbon around the napkins.
But please pay attention to the details, angle the flatware if you choose, but don't forget to fix it if angled was not the plan.

'Winter Wonder'
At first I could not understand why oh why there were dried up carrots and some prunes on every other salad plate.
Then I happened to step back and 'duh', a snowman.
What a moron I was.
A small napkin and knife for a hat, napkin and bells for a scarf and fork and spoon for arms.
It was really cute once I got a clue.

'The Mercury is Falling'
Each place had a different piece of pewter and they were all very to die for.
I loved this table, just a different table cloth with a bit of something deserving of the plates and mercury glass centerpiece.

Just well done.
My favorite part is the little silver plates with trees and Santas.

'You're a Grand Old Flag'
Simple, affordable and fun.
The napkin rings are ornaments I think with a bandana for a napkin.

'Into the Woods'
Ferns and twigs centerpiece that was beautiful, wood slices for chargers, branches for candle holders and a moss topper.
I love these Amber colored square plates.

Once again, just a little creativity makes a huge difference, this time with a bit of burlap ribbon.

'Aren't Babies Grand'
A baby shower table that was okay.
But what was on the chair back was adorable.

A vintage stork and baby, what's not to love?

The branch risers are very diy, but what I like is the criss cross twine wrapped utensils.
If you do not have fancy flatware, then dress up the presentation.

'Camel Lot'
First, I love the name of this table.
Part of the fun when I still volunteered was coming up with a name.
Everything is perfect here, especially the gilded tea glasses.
My maternal grandparents came from the middle east and I grew up with these.
Don't have camel plates?
Just stick a print of one under a glass plate.

'Free Bird'
These were my favorite plates of the event.
Everyone had their jeweled initial at their place.

Okay, these dishes took 2nd place in my heart, probably because they remind me of when I was young.
The napkins were also beautiful.

So there you have it.
Until next year that is.

Often more tables are added after the programs have been printed and I could not remember all the table names so if I did not put it that is why.
Something I have suggested before is to keep a set of clear glass plates around.
Don't use them every day because they lose their sparkle after awhile, but they are so versatile.
Slap a beautiful oversized paper plate underneath and the color just pops creating every holiday you can think of.
Use a charger and in between you can slip photos, fern stems, flowers or petals, doilies, pretty paper, etc..
Instead of a charger you can use the photos from a favorite calendar.
These are the most versatile plates ever and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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