Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Dish

What a dish.
Get it?
I kill myself sometimes.
Okay if you are young that was a compliment men gave about a woman years ago.
No I don't get it either, but explain groovy and far out to me cause I never got them.

Today is for dishes or plates if you will.

I love plain white restaurant style over sized dishes. They are crisp and clean and show off food perfectly, except for pale food. I also love dishes that bring a whole new feel to the table. Fantasy, old world, holiday, formality. I also prefer a mix. I get bored with design if it is all the same. Coordinated is better for me. Unless it is a theme in color, I can work with that. I have a bit of OCD, my Christmas tree, the ookie stuff on the top where the toothpaste comes out and where the kitchen dish soap squeezes out, and yes, I need a minimum of 8 in the kitchen. 8 matching pieces of things. There is no mixture of cups or glasses in my cupboards. Weird, sure, but it works for me. Also, I never spend a lot. I mean really? Oops and a $25 dish is broken?

A few tips....
Pay attention to the details of your plates. If there is a top design, make sure they are all at the top, unless you want it at the bottom by choice.
Watch your patterns when layering plates. Match them up.
If you have a beautiful plate please don't cover it with too much or too fancy napkins, let the plate show. If you have a plain plate then you can go a bit wild with napkins, favors, etc. on top or just play up the simplicity.
Center your plates on your chargers and each layer on top. Use your fingers for measuring as you place them, I don't mean bring out a ruler. Unless off center is your goal.

My very favorite plate at the luncheon. Absolutely beautiful!

The plate was perfect for all the bling on the table, it was the needed simplicity. But what I love here were the chargers. The glitter is in them, not on them.

There were eight different train plates. What boy or big boy (man) wouldn't love these?

These next two plates were beautiful. There were four styles, two of each. But there is just way too much covering them. The napkin would have been enough and find another spot for the favor.

Vintage cafeteria or diner. Sort of like what I remember at the bus stations when I was little. I love this. And for children who totally freak if their food touches the other food (I was one of those), give them a break. These would be a dream for them.

The bottom dish is vintage/antique, translucent and lovely. It works well with the top plate because of the blue linens tying them together.

Another vintage/antique I think. Or good replicas. The gold with the cranberry color works well and it seems very formal and holidayish.

I am pretty sure these are vintage/antique also. I love them.

Everything matched, including the table cloth and napkins. Don't ask me how. Very tea party. No, not the political tea party. Ladies and little girls with gloves and good manners.

For the past two years one woman has painted her entire set of dishes. Every piece. Absolutely amazing and far more patience than I can gather. I am not sure if these are from the same woman or not. Perhaps this was purchased. Very formal and elegant.

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