Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Details

This is the 7th and final day of table setting post until the event comes again next year. After creating 11 tables myself in the last 13 years and attending for more years than that, it gets harder to see new ideas. At first every table was 'wow'. Then themes are repeated, looks are copied and dishes are used again. But what is amazing is that every table has something I like. Whether it is the placement of the silverware, or the turn of a dish, or an embellished tablecloth, there is always something lovely or interesting. The year I did a pirate table, there were two others, yet we all had our own vision. Some years there will be many holiday tables, this year I don't remember seeing one Christmas or Easter table. Businesses get involved and use this event as a subtle advertising venue along with helping a charity. Older ladies tire and fresh blood takes their place. What has been so great is to see some of the same faces each year, sometimes all that is exchanged is a smile but that is enough.

If you ever attempt this type of event and would like some input regarding ideas or the process of decision and organization, leave me a comment on a current post and I will be glad to help.

Until next year, I hope you have found something useful or beautiful here.

I love salt and pepper shakers. Not the cutesy ones, just the old ones.

Dottie's Diner menu. Soup 10 cents, sandwich 15 cents, coffee 5 cents. Starbucks are you hearing this? Simple food, low prices and probably a smile.

I have said how perfect everything on this table was. Water bottles wrapped and although they were not red, they did resemble a fire extinguisher. Behind you can just see the fabric in the middle of the table, it was shiny and red and black and really gave the feel of flames.

The simple detail of gilded and crossed chopsticks and a fortune cookie.

A perfect example of details. Just a little juice glass filled with a few flowers, but the colors along with the corn and white pumpkin flow together so well.

Peacock feather fans as favors, very special and indulgent.

The table theme was 'Eat Pray Love'. The headpiece was in reference to India.

I think this is a luggage tag, but such a perfect little addition with the train theme.

Such a pretty little pot of flowers for a favor. The butterflies used were subtle.

This was such a beautiful centerpiece. I love that the silver was a bit aged, it felt more estate like. Under each arm of the candelabra was a bud vase with three red roses. But please, don't let your candles do this. Get candle putty and spend some time to make them straight and trim the wicks. See my example here in a very difficult holder.


grace said...

my mom's been looking high and low for a unique set of salt and pepper shakers. everything is just so boring and blah these days!

Nicisme said...

Cute salt and pepper pots, makes a table look very glam!