Monday, October 25, 2010

Mixed Glassware, Tidbits and Turkey Silverware

I have said that matched sets bore me a bit. It is like wearing denim pants, jacket, purse, shoes and headband for me. Mixing is like layering. The patterns, textures, colors, all create interest and depth. Plus what if you only have clear wine glasses and colored drinking glasses? Tie them together using the rest of your table pieces. It is fun once you start playing. Add embellishments, drag out your closets and harvest your yard.

This is a perfect example of mixing it up. The colors work and the vintage plates and cups along with the simple goblet bring the leaf glass into the blend.

A very pretty mix of colored goblets. Green and purple in the peacock theme. Keeps it interesting.

Aren't beautiful glasses elegant? I would have cupboards full.

This feels like royalty.

Beautiful formal tea set.

The cutest tea set, there were even cups and saucers and spoons.

This setting was perfect, gold bamboo flatware, red and gold. Like a formal dinner in Asia.

I have done an all white table two years ago and I love them when done well. Stick with the theme....white candies in white dishes.

Some years there is beautiful and interesting silverware, this was the only one that really caught my eye this time. Now, you get to use this set one day out of the year so hopefully it is passed down from a grandmother. These turkeys looked old.

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Lori said...

I love tea pots. If I could I would have a collection but I have no place to put them.