Sunday, October 24, 2010

Centerpieces, Fabrics and Chairs

This was actually from my friend Pat's table at a luncheon I went to just before this one. This floral ball was GoRgEoUs! Pink roses and hydrangea's. Totally doable, just soak the floral ball and fill with what you choose.

This was such a pretty mix of florals and greenery.

Very country/rustic/harvest and large. Double duty pumpkins for favors, jack o lanterns or pies. Think of what you have that is big, use it. The rule about not having a centerpiece that you can see over is nice for conversation but much more boring.

Three gilded trees were very simple for an autumn colored table. Look through what you have and use it in a different way, these are most likely a Christmas decoration.

Everything on the table was bling except the black plates and the branches and it worked. Basically because the color scheme was black, white, crystals and a few yellow roses. These are a mix of strung beads for jewelry making, chandelier crystal drops, beaded garlands and clear ornaments. The theme was 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend'. Set below the beaded branches were huge diamonds and the roses. My very favorite table.

There were many things on this table which I loved, but you need to know when there is too much shimmer and shine and let the beauty stand out. A whole chair covered in black satin was too much, but the sheer tie and peacock were very pretty.

So many times chairs are over done, particularly at weddings. Although a boring chair is almost as bad as an overdressed one. The chair should wear an accessory not a ballgown. Perfect example is this scarf tied chair back. Embellished with a subtle tassel and a bit of ornamentation, simple and perfect.

This table cloth toned down the shimmer of the white satin underneath. It was so elegant.

This was lovely. It was most likely a scarf. The choices of fabrics are endless. Use a quilt, luxury sheets, a curtain, swaths of fabric, I have even used a plastic shower curtain that had a water drop effect for a girls day at the beach table. Use fabrics you would not normally consider. Layer for a great effect. Add trim, paint, crystals, etc.. This scarf made the table.

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