Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uno, Dos, Tres Dia

I make up my own Spanglish as I go. It keeps me entertained.

Okay, day three of tables.

A Clockwork Orange

Just kidding. This table was just based on orange, variations on a theme. Very creative and very doable.

Lucky for these guys we had salad with chicken breast for lunch. One year I made a sand castle for a centerpiece with a fish in the middle of in. They can be fun on a table, as long as no one gets drunk and tries to swallow them.

I love how they added a pillow to go with the fish. Bring things to the table that you might not ordinarily use. Think comfort and beauty.

I love the dishes. I don't love what is sitting on them.

You can use spices in so many ways besides cooking. Here in a beautiful plant saucer as a base full of dried chili powder and flakes for the salt and pepper cellars. How about under a candle (carefully of course) in a pretty bowl or jar. One year my theme was 'A Passage To India" and I piled teak bowls full of tumeric, curry, cardamon, chilies and paprika. It was beautiful and smelled wonderful. Just don't sneeze.

Same thing here but with orange lentils. Dried beans, coffee beans, candies, hell, cereal might work for the right effect.

And again, I think this is Tumeric. It is like golden sand on a beach somewhere exotic.

You Put The Lime In The Coconut

This was such a happy table, bright and cheery. The tree has crepe paper leaves and the trunk was made with silk leaves cut off. And there were some coconuts underneath, well not real ones.

The chairbacks each had crepe paper flowers tied with raffia.

This is an easy and casual way to fold a napkin. Too elaborate for me mind you, but not difficult. You wouldn't think of plaid as being tropical, but the colors are what make it work. Off setting the plate on a leaf adds a little interest.

Ta Ta till tomorrow.
And it is 'Save the ta tas month' too. Check yourself regularly and remember to lend a hand and a word of encouragement to those fighting the battle.


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