Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretty Little Dishes All In A Row

Some people like linens. I like the breakable stuff. I love dishes and glassware and flatware. They are just so fun and beautiful and can set such a tone for a party. Yes, plain white are the most practical and make most food look best, but they are just that, plain, and yes, I want them too. I have white ones that I used for last years table setting but they are not plain just some pretty little details. Everytime we have this function I walk around with my eyes glazed over and practically drooling wanting to buy more and fill my cupboards to the top with all these pretty dishes that I have not seen before and quite obviously must have. I actually have 6 sets of flatware, all inexpensive. The plan is to give them to my children as they need them but sometimes I feel like a two year old not wanting to share certain ones.

These are my favorite dishes from the table setting luncheon. I wish I could give you the name of who makes them but I don't touch and this year I set up in an hour because I needed at least 4 hours of sleep so I was a little late, which left no time to chat.

This was my very favorite! More of a luncheon or salad plate. Or a really big dessert plate. But I think I would use it for breakfast. I love the grooved snowflake detail, the rustic washed look, and the napkin ring is adorable.

The colors in this plate were like a sunset. Or a Mai Tai. Or a Tequila Sunrise. Okay, enough.

If you saw last years tables you might remember this lady. I think she is trying to embarrass the rest of us. She paints all her own dishes and I think much of her glassware. She is amazing. Now granted they are not my style, but that is beside the point, they are beautiful and I stand in awe of her. I also appreciate how she has placed each piece so the patterns are lined up properly. Details, remember.

Look at the little gold rimmed saucers under the vase on the right, too pretty.

I think this is depression glass. I know nothing about antiques, but this is Anne's table and she is a collector of everything so this is my best guess. The gold color and all the detail is so pretty, how could you be depressed? Ha ha.

I loved this plate, pink and brown.

Halloween plates are just fun fun fun. Love this one. The cups have witches on them.

If you are old enough you may remember these wheat dishes. It seemed like everyone had them. That is why I love them, memories and simplicity.

Blue is not my top color choice except in nature but these are quite the party plates. Sort of Harlequin, though she used them for an Octoberfest table. And how fun are the beer mugs that look like beer is foaming over the top.

No not the plates. The woven charger/tray. Very cool. Also, great napkin fold, bad napkin, I have them also.

That's it, more tomorrow.



Happy cook said...

Wow do you own all those pieces, they all look so so beautiful.

Leslie said...

I love love love the pink and brown plate.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

So cool! I wish I had more space to have more dishes like you!