Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In The Center Of The Ring

I think the one thing I have not seen for a centerpiece at this luncheon over the years is a bicycle. Trust me. There has been an entire wedding dress, a sandcastle, paint cans, a skeleton with roaches and ravens, a pirates mast and various other interesting, fun and beautiful surprises. It is not about practical at this luncheon. It is about fun and wow and why not.

These are some of my favorite centerpieces this year.

This table was titled 'All That Glitz', I would have gone with a total disco theme complete with Bee Gees music playing.

This is from Anne's table. As I said before, she collects, everything. Her napkin rings were old watches.

I think this is called a 'cloche'. Obviously I don't have one since I am not even sure what it is. I do like it very much though. Inside is a really sweet vintage sewing kit.

This was very pretty, peppermints and a beautiful bow.

Often, I like an oversized and over done centerpiece. This had frosted ice buckets with flowers and Mumm champagne. The beverage server was full of Mumm corks.

This centerpiece comes from possibly an antique dealer. It is a vintage store. Everything was tiny and perfect. I could just imagine a little girl let loose with this. She would play with everything for hours and hours. It was huge, you couldn't see around it or over it. Perfect for families who argue, just put them across the table from each other.

The rest are floral centerpieces that I liked. Sometimes for the container, sometimes for the colors. And the first one for the white roses and feathers.

I like this one for the brass raised container.

This bowl is lovely.

A very harvesty (more spanglish) piece.

I looked as closely as I could to this to see how it is done. I don't know if you can purchase one somewhere, probably. Or make them and get rich and send me my fee. Any ways, it looked like a metal bar of some sort went through the upper part and then down through each piece through a hole. Then you would angle set the pots.

This was a little exotic looking.

See you tomorrow for the last post on tables.



Leslie said...

It still amazes me the thought that is put into these tables!!

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