Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tables, Day Two

These are some of my favorite tables this year.

Birds of a Feather

My friend Kay always does 'Wow'. Last year she brought in a huge metal camel, once it was a horse, also a giant 'Oscar' statue for an academy awards table. This year she made a tablecloth covered in a gazillion pounds of bird seed. It was beautiful. Unfortunately it continued to fall off the fabric a little at a time as people moved around. I think the same idea could be used to cover almost anything at home as long as it is not high usage and it would be lovely.

Her centerpiece was, quite large of course, St. Francis the patron Saint of animals.

For favors Kay gave religious bracelets wrapped around the napkin, I love these! But I personally would have preferred to skip the white bird napkin ring and just use the bracelets instead. I also liked the little bird that seemed to be walking around the table.

The plates were drop dead simple gorgeous. A gold branch with a bird perched, sitting on a larger plate with a metallic band. There were little religious pieces tucked in here and there, look just above the napkin on the right. And notice there is a real mix of glassware. You don't have to have everything on your table the same to be beautiful, just like people. If everyone at the party is the same, then how do you appreciate each individuals beauty.

Happy Birthday in Living Color

This table is just screams happiness. There are two things on here that are expensive, the painted plates and the goblets. How cute are they? Easy, inexpensive solution for the plates.... clear glass plates with beautiful paper plates underneath. It will bring out all the color. For the goblets, you can often find pretty plastic ones during the summer. Or use what you have and dress them up with gorgeous stickers or tie bright toys around the stem.

A colorful sheer topper, lots of balloons and big fat curly ribbon, bright tissue popping out of gift bags, who wouldn't love this? I also think hanging tissue pom poms or paper picados (Mexican paper flag garlands) would be very festive. Ooohhh, or silk flower garlands like I made for Mai Tai Monday. Turning 53 might be okay with a table this pretty.

See you tomorrow.

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