Thursday, October 22, 2009


Evidently I screwed this up, so if you are still here, this is what should have been, complete with photos.

It's all in the details people. When you entertain, every little detail makes such a difference. It doesn't mean you must be extravagant, it means the extravagant details matter, the simple details matter, even lack of details matter. Sort of like negative space in photographs.

A napkin pulled through a pretty gold star, I really don't believe this was a napkin ring, just turned into one.

A little crow with a Jolly Halloween message, tucked into a Halloween table.

A tea towel with a patriotic applique used as an oversized napkin.

Criss crossing two beautiful runners, give eight places, adds interest and contrast.

I love the bow napkins. The whole table was a bit glitzy for me, but the chair idea could be done in a linen and it would be lovely.

Love, love, love these diamond rings napkin rings. How fun. Could you imagine having over your daughters boyfriend that you really do not like and using these for dinner, then showing all the family baby photos? He would run and never look back.

Crowns are quite the thing right now. Things can be used that you may not have considered, experiment a little.

The writing on the knife looks like Jean Dulost? Anyways, this wooden flatware was gorgeous.

These watches were purchases at yard sales for a dollar each over a period of time to be used for napkin rings.

Never use your real name when you can have a cool alias.

I love vintage bakelite flatware, the color, its rustic look and feel. The tablecloth may have been vintage but I didn't think it was the right choice.

This stemware was fit for royalty.

If you've got it, flaunt it. As in the good stuff.

I am not a fan of hunting, but this table was a tribute to her father who had just passed away.

Use photo clips on stands to hold place cards, mini menus, etc..

Once again, the best thing to include is those you love.

I meant to post this table earlier, it is quietly elegant. I loved it.

I am not sure if I am just jaded from having done a table for 11 years and having attended for even longer. I have seen so many different ideas that I am not as easily wowed as I was. This year their were 10 less tables than last year but there was still new ideas, beautiful pieces, and sweet women. I am sure we all watched our pennies a little more and yet what really mattered was laughter and friendship and life.

Till next year for more tables.



boonie said...

There use to be one held @ the center in Denair and I [a man] enjoyed seeing all the tables. Where is you event held and when so we can come next year. Sherman & Arlene Boone [your old neighbors]

Amber said...

Wow, how did I not guess that one???
This is held ever October in the middle of the month, Wednesday is coffee and dessert and preview for $10. Thursday is lunch for $35, by reservation. It is advertised in Modesto Bee under McHenry Mansion table setting luncheon and lately has been held at St Josephs Catholic church on Oakdale just past Briggsmore. So nice to figure out who was leaving these comments. I hope all is well!

Vera said...

Very nice! I love these crowns!

lisalyn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. The giveaway ended on Monday morning...but I'll do another later on. :) And yes...there was chocolate!

Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I love your ideas!! I hope you won't mind if I share some of them on my blog. I'll be checking back for more! :)