Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trend....Gypsy Theme

If I were a gypsy, this is what I would wear....

They do not.
At least when it comes to weddings.


'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'
This reality show from the UK is quite intriguing to say the least.
Easy to mock, easy to be offended for the young women's role in life.
But the truth is, this is a culture struggling to keep tradition alive.
They will eventually lose.
How do the parents pay for these very expensive weddings???
No one really dares ask.

It is based on Irish Travelers not

Romany Travelers

and both spell it 'Travellers'.

Young women leave school very early and are trained at home
to be a housewife and mother.
They dress scantily with parental approval and dance equally
so even at a very very young age.

This is to show their physical attributes to young suitors, who will then perform
a 'grabbing' rutual against the young woman's will in order to steal a kiss.
Most will marry shortly after 16.
18 is old.
22 is matronly.
Despite their attire and dance, they are quite moral.
And often scared when the reality of marriage hits on their wedding day as
the ladies have really never left their parents home or even held a job.

The couples live in trailers once married.

I prefer the old caravans by far.
Seriously, they are like little sex dens.
I would go glamping with these.

And the interiors....

Thelma Madine designs the gowns at least for the show.
Some call them 'frothy horror'.
Would I wear one.
Oh God no!
I am not into feminine.
Or tripping.
For a costume party?

Frothy Fantasy is the term often used for the wedding dresses.

A giant puffball of crispy netting - a pumpkin shaped
maxi pouffe of glittering nylon gauze.

And yes, ooooh, it lights up after dark.

The poor girl can not even sit down without help.
God I hope she doesn't have to pee before the night is over.

Dead classy alert....

Then of course have the fabulous family.
Spray tans, shiney fabric and hats.
Always hats.
I am glad I am American.

Now how does a gypsy girl arrive at her wedding in humble style?
By pumpkin of course.

Don't worry.
Just drive.

It is sort of like 'pimp my bridesmaids'.
In America you would hate a bride who made you wear these.

And pink.
Sooo much pink.

I will say this.
This is every little girls dress up dream.
And the wedding party includes lots of little ones.

Even the babies bring the bling and fluff.

It is like the Kentucky Derby of Gypsydom.

I mean check out this dudes shoes.
He is like a little Elvis.

Let them eat cake.
With a cake this big, they will eat cake for days.

I'm not sure if these last two are from the show.
But they are big and actually quite pretty.

And for a fun extra, Strolling Tables.
Not at all classy but could be fun at a party.

I got a lot of information from Daily Mail.
You gotta love the English for their snobbery and sass.
Oh, and their hats.
God love their courage regarding hats.

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