Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chocolate, Mmm

After Christmas sales.
Gotta love em'.
Mark downs galore.
Prices slashed.
Women fighting over the shattered remains.
I am not speaking of the mall.
I am at the basket of reduced Christmas cookies and candies in the supermarket.
Yes, it can bring out the bitch in any woman.
Don't give her enough chocolate and her endorphin and serotonin levels do not create that relaxed and euphoric feeling that every man hopes his wife feels.
Take away her sugar fix and her sweetness is taken over by her evil twin Wifezilla.
Keep her from shopping the after Christmas madness and you are denying her the right to fight to the death over the last bag of Cadbury mini eggs.
Yeah, that one was me.
After Christmas sales are sort of the women's form of Ultimate Fighting Championship.
There is nothing that compares to bragging about the great deal you got and see your friend hang her head in shame because she paid too much.
Don't get me wrong, it is much, much, much better when you get to brag about your wonderful husband who gave you the most beautiful 4 carat diamond for Christmas complete with tears in his eyes over how much he loves you.
Oh wait, I don't have a husband.
I do live in a great fantasy world though.
But we are talking about after Christmas sales here.
I got the only bag of Cadbury mini eggs, the ones that used to come out only at Easter.

These suckers are sooo good!!!!

Photo credits are from here and here, I didn't have anything left to photograph.
Oops & mmm.
Anyways, I ate them 4 at a time, over and over and over.
Oh my.
And I then I shared them so the other women would be endorphined and serotonined too.
Yes, we women share once we have had enough to begin to feel the effects and our nice self emerges again.
Now, these come out at Easter which is where they originated in my world, so keep your eyes open.
And your mouth.
You'll thank me.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Wait..I thought you were marrying Santa???
It is no secret that I am a choc-o-holic! And they little bad boys are my favorite. I get 2 bags during Easter and put them in my kids Easter Baskets. And they dont even like them. lol