Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I really do love my customers and the people I work with. They make the monotony of passing boxes and cans past a little red light bearable. On the day of Christmas Eve I had a pretty woman come through. She had enjoyed the prior evening drinking a wonderful Hot Buttered Rum with friends. The woman behind her in line asked if she would email her the recipe. Well you don't have to smack me on the head twice. I had my email written down before they were through talking and said "me too?". Now you would think that would be nice enough of her, but oh no. She brought me a jar of the mix in a pretty bag with a note saying she thought I might like to enjoy some after work that evening. OMG! It is Christmas Eve. She had plenty to do I am sure, yet she took the time to make my world brighter. I love these people.
I did have some rum at home and I couldn't be inconsiderate so I had a cup. Two cups actually. Big cups really. I had to stop there because I wasn't getting things done. This stuff warms your insides. Then it warms your brain. And then your vision if you keep drinking. It would be very nice with a group of friends or on a cold night in front of the fire with someone you love.

So to Christina, I hope your Christmas was blessed with joy and love.

This makes a lot, perfect for a party. I live alone so I only made half and gave a jar away at Christmas and still had plenty left over. If I made the full recipe I would be singing "I drink alone" with George Thorogood.

Keeps for 2 months in refrigerator
1 qt vanilla ice cream softened
1 lb butter, softened
1 lb brown sugar
1 lb powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
1 t nutmeg
Cream butter & sugar(s) together.
Add seasonings.
Fold in softened ice cream
To serve:
2 heaping tsp of mix to a jigger of rum or bourbon.
Stir and add hot water!

Rum and the mix, just add hot water and top with nutmeg.

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Leslie said...

wow..that was so very nice of her!!!! Happy New years!