Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Links 4 Amazing Young Men

How cute are these guys?

Okay, what do you think when your daughter says she is bringing home a band?
Batten the hatches?
Lock up the virgins?
Bring in the Calvary?
I just get excited for someone to entertain. Although entertain is a very loose term for my house and town, there isn't much to entertain with.
Curtis, Eric, Robbie and Robbie (I went alphabetically so no one gets their feelings hurt).
Backwards...Robbie, Robbie, Eric and Curtis.
Mixed letters, one of each...BECIROTUS.
Had enough?
Oh one more, backwards mixed letters...SUTORICEB.
Okay I'm spent.

Any way, these are such great guys. Every one of them. Adorable, interesting, personable and very, very talented. They play Indie Rock. Robbie's voice is the kind that steals your daughter heart. Eric is on the guitar. Robbie plays bass. Curtis on drums.
And let me add, perfect guests. Did I mention that they are really cute?
I can't believe they called Modesto 'Cow Town'. That is pretty funny.

They left today to continue their tour in San Jose tonight, then on to...
April 1 - Grant and Green, San Francisco, CA
April 2 - Old Ironside's, Sacramento, CA
April 3 - Aragon High (noontime), San Mateo, CA
April 4 - Blake's, Berkeley, CA

Trust me, go see them.

They are in the music player thing on the right-->-->-->
Eric called it something but I can't remember so it is a music thing. You will figure it out.

Oops, their name is LINKS.

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Leslie said...

I have a chastity belt in my attic if you need to borrow it!! lol