Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vegetarian, Diabetic, Lactose Intolerant, Nut Allergic...HELP ME!

Help, I need somebody.
Help, not just anybody.

One of my daughters is going to be home for a very short visit. With her will be a band, 4 young men. I plan to feed them lunch before they perform locally. And maybe breakfast and snacks for the road.

So I asked her "By the way Sweetie, does anyone have any food allergies or anything I should plan for?"

She says "Yeah, about that."

So I have one who is vegetarian, one who is diabetic, one who is lactose intolerant and has nut allergies, and a daughter who loves pasta, bread, cheese and fruit. The other guy and I are just there for the ride.

Really I am so thrilled to do this. I love company and I love my daughter 92 trillion times more. Is that our deficit right now? But I have no idea where to begin to make everyone happy and out of the hospital. It isn't like summer is here and the fruit stands are in full bloom.

So if you have any help to offer I will love you a lot. Possibly as much as a trillion.


doughmesstic said...

Okay..if it were me, here's what I would make.
Rotini or Bowtie Pasta with a nice garlic and herb red sauce. For the ones that will eat meat (and possible the vegetarian, if he/she eats seafood) add some shrimp. Serve it up with grated cheese on the side, so that the lactose intolerant one can leave it off.

Add a nice garden salad with vinaigrette (this will be better for the diabetic) and a side of italian bread and allow them to add their own butter (again, for the lactose intolerant)

Hope this helps a little.

noble pig said...

Eat out is my first idea. Or become a short order cook. I'm useless here.

brit.brit.brit said...


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i love your blog..and your comments are always so sweet.

have a great day!

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Brooke said...

Amber! :) Yippeee! I just saw your smiling face over at ...most likely late...! Congratulations.
How exciting.

She couldn't have picked anyone sweeter!

Have fun picking out your goodies!

Cheers, Brooke

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

I suggest the recipe (link above) for a Basil and Marinated Artichoke Pesto. It tastes very similar to a regular pesto but contains no nuts or milk (my son is allergic to nuts, milk and eggs). You can serve this over a pasta or as a sandwich (maybe panini) spread. I always try to find recipes that my husband and I would eat and find tasty as well as safe for my son, and the blog above (allergickid.blogspot) has a ton of yummy recipes to choose from.


brit.brit.brit said...

nope! didnt get it. send it over again!