Monday, March 2, 2009

Dorkiness and Impatience

tNo recipe, just dorkiness and impatience.

I love spaghetti with a good marinara and parmigiano reggiano, but no meat. Since Bethany moved out I have lost my movie buddy and fellow pasta eater.

So, excitedly I made pasta last night. So excitedly. The sauce is simmering, the water is bubbling, I am grating. Ooohhh. The plastic wrap is being ripped into the cheese which in my bliss I fail to notice. I am loving every bite. What? I am spitting pieces of plastic. 8 of them. Not so excited now.

Anyone else ever do this?

Thank goodness it was not for guests. Augh!


noble pig said...

I can't say that I have! Crazy girl.

Leslie said... are a dork!!(thats ok I am the biggest dork around)!!!
oh and to answer you ? about my chocolate cake. I only made 3 because that is all the batter I had. But I hardly got any of my cake , because I had to share it with my munchkins!