Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Plan

I have a new plan for my life.
I am going to marry Santa.
He is jolly.
He has all the toys.
He has been Sainted.
Nicholas is a good name.
He likes cookies.
I am on the nice list.
He makes the world a better place.
I have been dating all the wrong men, what was I thinking?

I have OCD with my Christmas tree.
My tree must have a theme.
No one of a kind, handmade, mixed, or gifted ornaments.
Nope, 20-50 of each one.
Silver snowflakes.
White snowflakes.
Clear snowflakes.
White icicles.
Clear icicles.
Ice drops.
Ice strands.
Clear stars.
White lights.
It looks like winter.

This year I used less than half of the ornaments and lights and I still love it. Don't get me wrong. I love the other types of trees that people do with a variety of and handmade ornaments and I could spend hours looking at every thing. I just can't live with them. Issues definitely. Oh well. I don't think any ornament has ever cost more than $1 and often are 6/$1. That is the nice thing about using multiples. It is cheaper but doesn't necessarily look it. Also a theme keeps me focused on what I buy to decorate with. Trust me, I could spend a couple thousand dollars every Christmas on new stuff. And yes I have a fake tree.

I hope everyone has been immensely blessed this Christmas with love, peace and joy.


noble pig said...

You are too funny Miss OCD tree.

merry Christmas to you!

Grace said...

a themed tree, eh? it would probably disturb you to learn that our tree gets put away fully decorated and extracted about 5 days before christmas... :)

Steph said...

We didn't decorate a tree this year or the year before because we always get a real one and my mom thinks it's too much work. It's never the same without a tree. I think it's cool you have a theme. We never had a theme, but put whatever we could find. I agree ornaments are expensive!