Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Remember this?
Now check out this.

If you missed the set of postings on the tables I featured and you are interested in viewing them and reading all the tips then go here.

One of my very favorite entertaining sites is Totally Tabletops. The owner, Sheena S. Kalso, who is absolutely gorgeous by the way, was so helpful to me when I worked on my charity table setting back in October. I was searching for flatware in ivory and antique looking. I had located some beautiful pieces, but the average cost was $50 per place setting which was out of my budget. Although I eventually found what I was looking for in the nick of time at Target, I truly appreciated her efforts. Now she has featured my table on her site. I am so excited I could just piddle my pants as Leslie says.

Check out her site and all the many really wonderful ideas. Entertaining is a way to celebrate life, something we so easily get too busy for. Gather friends, family, your pets or just your own soul. Celebrate your breath, sunshine, Tuesday at 2, whatever inspires you. Make memories that your grandchildren gasp over. Invite the paparazzi to your party when you are old and hopefully the cops will be called to shush the noise.

You are blessed with this life. Savor it.


Happy cook said...

Looks like you are going to have a wonderful party :-)

Leslie said...

Autograph PLEASE? That is wonderful Amber! But I already knew you were super talented!!!

Totally Tabletops the Blog said...

Fame! I'm blushing at the idea that I've given you fame :) Keep sending me the great ideas!!