Monday, December 8, 2008


Two days ago I was warm and the sun was shining. Today I am freezing and it is foggy. I am not happy about this.

I love Mexico. The people are friendly and devoted to their faith, it is beautiful and festive, humbling and inspiring. Ever since my first trip to Puerto Vallarta these have been my favorite pieces of art. The designs are all a little different, some are an obvious pattern, some are a seemingly random design and every one is absolutely gorgeous. They catch the light and reflect what is beyond at their best when they are layered. Five is probably the necessary amount for the nicest result, but they are very expensive which puts my interest in the couple thousand dollar area. But then who needs curtains when you have these.

The window in these photos is at Le Bistro Jazz Cafe which is on the Rio Cuale, and the metalwork is the window. Yes all sorts of critters can get in and there are 3-4 foot long Iguanas that live in the trees all around (see him in the photo below?), so I would send in the critter getters first if I worked here to catch them and send them on their happy little tree climbing way. Le Bistro is very, very elegant and the food is excellent, a lovely experience if you are there.

If you cross the bridge after leaving Le Bistro, you will come to the outdoor marketplace. It is fun and there are lots of handcrafts to haggle over. I don't haggle much because I realize how poor these people often are. Unfortunately the world economy is beginning to really affect Mexico in that tourists are spending half of what they used to and costs have gone up tremendously for locals and tourists alike.

Halfway through the marketplace is a suspension bridge. It is lots of fun attempting to walk it in some sort of ladylike fashion though some say it is easier to cross after a few margaritas. The local young women cross it in heels which I would never attempt. On the other side of the bridge and across the road is the Super Mercado and the best shrimp tacos around.

Puerto Vallarta comes down from the hills into the Bay of Banderas. It is so pretty because of all the flowers and even buildings are often in colors of fuschia, teal, periwinkle and tangerine. There are lovely butterflies and pottery painted by hand with designs that amaze me. Then there are sunsets that take your breath away. And we even had fireworks every night. I love fireworks.

People are friendly unlike many countries. You are often welcomed with Buenos Dias Amiga and you are treated as a guest. I think it is so important to be a good tourist. To remember that you are a guest. It is not your country, not your rules, not your way. If you have the proper attitude towards the Mexican people and what little they have in the way of stuff, I believe you will come home happy, relaxed and feel blessed for all you have.

I will be back in a day or so with recipes, I just wanted to share some of the beauty of Puerto Vallarta with you.



noble pig said...

I love that town but its been so long since I've been there! Lovely photos!

Steph said...

Welcome back!! Did you get any pictures of food?! Mexico looks so warm compared to the freezing cold we have here. I can't wait to see your recipes, any Mexican inspired ones?

And the texture of cupcakes do matter! haha.. must be fluffy!!

Maria said...

Nice photos!! I wish I was somewhere warm today!

Happy cook said...

Beautiful pictures and loved the tour of the place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Hope you are enjoying your trip

The Blonde Duck said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Kevin said...

Looks like fun! I hope to get the chance to visit Mexico some day.

Mim said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful.I have not been to Mexcio.. hopefully someday.
Bailey is wondering if Sophia is glad you are back, even though you want to be in Mexico?!
Are you in the mood for Cmas?