Thursday, October 23, 2008

You Want More Table Ideas?

These are the most lovely wine glasses, the stems are encircled with a fine gold paint. They sort of shimmered. Quite possibly this could be done to inexpensive glasses for an evening with wire, though you may have to use a tiny dab of glue at the ends to hold the wire. Or, gold paint if you have a steady hand, abstract if you don't.
The charger and dishes are not of the same style, period, country, anything except for the gold. But they somehow work. Try different items together, then add something that does tie them together like fabric, flowers, flatware, glasses, just play.
I love this tailored tablecloth. It is like one you would have made for a side table in a living room. So why not in the dining room?
I believe these pieces are all antique. I myself am halfway there. But look at the depth of color in the flatware! And the milky translucent green of the dishes. Gorgeous! A simple napkin and some raffia and it feels like you are at Grandmas.
Ann is the wonderful woman in charge of this event. She is a collector. Of everything I think. Can you guess her theme? Thread? No. Sparkles? No. You'll see.
I absolutely adore the thread cases, almost enough to start sewing.
This year her theme was project runway and she used these lovely drawings. But like the calendar pages, the ideas are limitless. How about your children's drawings when they were little. They would be so excited and proud. Or recipes. Or poetry. Or music.
And look at the napkin fabric and the tape measure used as a napkin ring. Fun, fun, fun.
Remember my tips about clear plates? Here is an example.
These faux candle abras are so fun and glitzy. They could be used other than Halloween. But what could you use that is pretend? Flowers? Jewels? Famous paintings? The list is almost endless. How about glamming up everyday items? Look back at the candle abra I made, the pearls really made a huge difference.
There is something about simplicity. I am only speaking of the dishes and the flatware here. Choose a beautiful curve in dinnerware, sort of like the curve of a womans body. Look for color that is uncommon, has depth, is inspiring. Dinnerware is like art for the table.
This flatware is older I am pretty sure, but the lack of color makes it extremely versatile and yet formal because of the detail in the handle.

There are a few more days of tables and tips.
Until tomorrow...


Marie said...

Hi Amber, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment! You have a lovely looking blog as well, so many nice table settings and goodness to drool over!

Lisa said...

I am enjoying looking at all these beautiful tables.

Sandy Smith said...

Wow. What beautiful pictures you have here! I can't imagine messing up these table settings with actual food! :) It's a pleasure to visit your blog!!

Maria said...

Great ideas, once again!