Monday, October 20, 2008

Tables Tables Tables

This was my favorite table this year.
This is why...
How can you go wrong with a photo of cowboys tushies for a place mat? They used calendar pages for this with clear plates. And this was definitely the seat I would have picked to sit at.

Photos don't do justice but this gives you an idea. There were cowboy hat cookie favors, bronze statues, signed team photos, copenhagen, barbed wire (possibly rubber), and a cowhide tablecloth.
The denim jackets and such were on the backs of every seat and I believe the contestant entry number is also the place card for who sits there.

And how cute are these guys? I wish I was 20 again. You could get in a lot of trouble with them and probably not regret a thing. These are the boys they write songs about.

This table was so fun and creative and I always like that the best.

This table is done by my friend Kay and she always does an exquisite table. It is my other favorite.

Her glass plates are from Target and she added a gold camel decal. And her napkin rings were brass bell bracelets which she gave as favors to her guests.
Yes this is a huge metal camel. This is what Kay does. She does "Wow".

The seat cushions were gorgeous.
And the umbrella was so cool. I could just picture having a picnic in the desert with a sheik underneath this.

My table is posted on 10-17-08 and titled 'Diner en Blanc' if you are interested and haven't seen it yet. I have never been concerned about having the best table. Everyone has different taste. My goal is to give my best.


noble pig said...

Wow that camel is huge! So cool and the rodeo theme is just darling, people are so dang creative. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Lori said...

I love the umbrella idea. I liked looking at all you table setting idea photos. It was inspiring. A lot of times I dont do this because there is room for the food. But I guess if I had it buffet style it would work. I always admire these tables, I will definitely make an effort this Thanksgiving!