Saturday, October 25, 2008

The End of Tables

Until next year that is.

Look at how absolutely beautiful this mixture of flatware is. Granted they are antique pieces or close to it, but who says you can't mix new pieces of flatware? Or dinnerware? Or glassware? Play.

This china is stunning. The only thing I would suggest here is detail. Pay close attention to placement of the plates. Match lines or don't match them but pay attention. Plan the setting by seeing if there is a top of the plate. Had all the blue detail been matched up or the layers been blue and white opposite each other, then the look would be more finished. These are small details but that is what makes the difference.

These were the cutest cream and sugar set. You can have fun with things like these. I often use unexpected things for this and salt and pepper and for serving. If you click on 'Diner en Blanc' on the right you will see how I presented salt and pepper this year.

Finishing a look with the chair is often easy and just adds that something extra. I draped the napkins over the chair backs like over the arm of a waiter. The table with the camel hung bells and carvings. And the Christmas table made covers of the nutcracker. Even an inexpensive floral pick from a craft store can be bent around a piece of the back. They can also be bent into napkin rings.
Now, the piece de resistance...

A huge, probably 3" tall, vase, totally filled with handmade chocolates as a centerpiece and out of the top of that came these beautiful red roses wrapped with a black bow. Are you kidding me? You would have to pick my tongue up off my lap. I love this woman.

I hope you enjoyed these photos this past week and perhaps found some of the tips helpful. If you didn't take time to read them, go back and do so. There really is a lot of great info. I have learned a lot in the last 10 years working on this event from all the designers and from my own trials and successes. And I am still amazed at what is created every year. Remember if you have questions, leave a comment and I will help however I can. Be creative, think outside the box, paint, glue, sew, mix, match, and color outside the lines.
Back to baking and such tomorrow.


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Wow what a nice informations! I've went trhu all your previous table posts and really great ideas! Well done and thanks for sharing!

noble pig said...

I am so bummed it's over! I want more tables, like a table a day...for a year.

Vera said...

The china is certainly stunning, Amber! And the post is very informative!

Maria said...

Thanks for all of the ideas!

LyB said...

Everything is just so beautiful! I wish I had all that stuff to play around with to take pictures! :)