Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ideas For Tables

There were so many lovely ideas on each table that I wanted to share some of what I felt were the best. So, enjoy...

These are just used corks and from what I could tell, they were hot glued together and then sliced for the place card. These could be used around candle holders or vases. Or cut in half length wise and glued onto something to make a place mat. Or sliced crosswise and in the same manner turned into coasters. Instead of place cards, you could use the persons photo, or any photo. How about a smaller vase of flowers placed inside a larger vase and the corks placed in between the two? Or, or, or...
Made into napkin rings. Use your imagination.

I love the festiveness of these napkins, they truly make the table come alive. Almost any fabric that you love will work, the more wow, the better. And double napkins are really fun.

How about Autumn leaves on small branches? Or Christmas tree pieces. Just make sure they are safe, I am not sure if there is a poison issue or not but an online or garden shop search should have the answers. Watch craft stores for clearance items and you can find great deals to use, but most likely for next year. Silk and dried work great. You could use leaf garlands and create napkin rings.

I saw this flatware at Ross or Big Lots, etc., and thought it was a little tacky, but when I saw it on the table it was nothing but fun. Use them with textured fabric for a natural and rustic look. And just keep you eyes out for inexpensive fun flatware. Flatware is sort of like jewelry as accessories, they can really dress up a table and expensive is not always necessary.

These were chair back covers made out of felt. Wouldn't they make wonderful pillows? The same could be done for any holiday. I think these would be so cute as shams. Or hell, make toaster covers and tea pot cozies. And toilet roll covers. And place mats. The list of fun and tacky goes on.

This would look great on a shelf of under the tree. Excess is sometimes the perfect festive look.

Color, why are people afraid of color? How fun for a birthday party. But there are other things that could be hung on a table cloth. Silk flowers or buttterflies. Cans and bells for a bridal shower sort of like what is tied onto the newlyweds get away car. Ties for fathers day. Feathers. Look around with a very, very open mind and then twist it all up in your head until you smile. We can all be more creative if we are just taught how to think a little differently.

Now, back to simple. I love love love the simple triple fold of this napkin. Clean and elegant.

If you are interested in my table and haven't yet seen it, the post is 10-17-08 and titled 'Diner en Blanc'.


Happy cook said...

They all are really wonderful ideas

Maria said...

Fun ideas!! I love entertaining!

noble pig said...

I am loving these!