Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspired Decor

I made almost everything decoration wise for our wedding.
Way less expensive & definitely more personal.
Not personal as in 'I made it myself', personal in the choice of colors & details, etc..
Like I have said before, it isn't difficult, find what you like & create your own version, just like an outfit.

You must be thinking....'oh my gosh, she is soooo creative, just amazing'.
Wrong, these were not MY ideas.
It is what I do best.
But yes, I am quite amazing otherwise.

I love glitter.
It makes everything sparkle.
It makes people feel happy, richer, in party mode.

Let me add....there has been glitter in our house for months.
No really.
Even on the dogs nose.
Oh yeah....that's not me.

Also, carrying the theme throughout keeps it so much more visually attractive.
We stayed with gold, black, white & a bit of silver for color.
And stars everywhere.

This was one of my inspirations for the vases.

diy glitter vases

They are not difficult to make & very affordable.
I bought vases bought vases at yard sales & Goodwill for $1 - $3.
If there is a water line stain it doesn't matter because it will be covered up.
I think glittering either 1/3 or 2/3's looks best.
Wash them well & dry, then use wide painters tape & tape a line around the vase leaving the water stain uncovered.
Tape newspaper to cover the rest of what you want to keep clear glass.
Wrap your arm with newspaper & shove your hand into the vase.
Go outside & spray the uncovered part of the vase avoiding just past the edge of the taped area & the base as much as possible.
Over newspaper, sprinkle your chosen glitter generously onto the tacky glass, shake off the excess & set the vase to dry for a day.
The next day, spray with a gloss sealer & let dry again, this will keep the glitter in place so you can lightly hold the vase & also because everyone will want to touch them.
Trust me.
You can also use a piece of trim from the fabric store & hot glue it around the vase at the edge of the glitter, particularly if while removing the tape you end up a bit uneven.
I did use a variety of gold glitters which I really liked
Two suggestions, do the spraying on non windy days, & the sealer is pretty stinky so let dry in a closed off room.
These are probably not for long term use, though they did last through a gentle wash.
I also think they would make lovely take home gifts.

And this is one of the ones I made at our reception, you can also see a bit of another one just to the left behind the candle.
We had a mixture of 3 vases per 8 foot table with loose white flowers.

I also decorated white glass pillar candles that I got at Target for $1 - $1.50 each.
I added a variety of trims from the fabric store.
But what I learned is that being tall & narrow, they are best used on a hard surface away from any people.
For the tables we used votives in glass set in low vases which gave off a nice double sparkle.
We did put the tall pillars in the restrooms & on window sills though.
No photos but I saw this version that I think is gorgeous.

gold and copper leafing

The inspiration....

hanging stars

We hung white fairy lights & about 250 gold stars on the back patio which is where the ceremony was held & after dinner for a bit of dancing etc..
Christmas made this so easy to do because stars are almost everywhere.
They are still there because they are so pretty.

Inside I strung about 150-200 gold, silver & white glittered stars that I got at Michael's with coupons or on sale & hung them across the room.

As always, much prettier in person.

And more to come next time.

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