Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brittany....Happy Birthday!

This would be my cut and gut baby.
She gets the pun.
Slash and gash is another.
She was a C-section delivery.
Such a perfect face the moment she entered the world.
And a bald head that would last a year and a half till there was a bit of light wisps of hair.
I used to brush it and tell her how long and beautiful it was and she would beam with joy.
She was a charmer as a toddler, demanding the worlds attention everywhere she went with her blazingly happy smile and attitude.
She was the independent one.
So easy to raise, she lived to please God, her country, her parents and her teachers.
You couldn't really ask for more.
Except perhaps a bit less skin and a bit more clothing.
She is so gorgeous even now.

Her brother adored her, he proudly took her for show and tell at school.
And when her little sister came along, she looked out for her as she always would.
There really isn't a greater joy than being a mommy.
Sometimes I look at her and can't believe I made her.
She has made me so proud, her heart is sweet and warm, her brain is strong, her soul is held in God's hands.
She is a Good Human in a world that desperately needs her.

I love you so very much Brittany!

Happy birthday.

The photo is one of my favorites.
I believe it is from Aaron Meyer in Orange County.

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