Monday, February 20, 2012

I Was Abducted

Soooo, it has been about 16 months now.
16 months since what?
Since I said 'hello', posted a recipe, or a craft, or some of my deep wisdom.
I am chuckling inside.

So what is new you ask?
Well for starters I was abducted.
Abducted by luuuvve.

It has been an amazing year + since.
I got to take a plane off the runway and fly it for an hour.
They wouldn't let me land, they said that part was too dangerous.
It was so freakin' fun.
I screamed the whole time I lifted off.
Now I just need my own jet, something with weapons I think.

Fred threw me a surprise birthday party.
Absolutely surprised, didn't see the cars, didn't see the people, didn't see the 'happy birthday' sign on the fence, I even took a hostess gift to the, and I quote, 'annual pool party'.
Nope, I just stood there and chatted away while everyone behind me waited for me to get a clue.

Fred, the one I love with all my heart, bought me a scooter.
I promptly wrecked me while learning to ride it.
Evidently ABS brakes does not mean Automatic Brake System, you have to manually apply the brakes.
Silly isn't it.
I shall spare you the bloody gory photos of myself and just let you enjoy my really cute scooter.

Met the amazing Keira Ann, my grand daughter to be.
She is even cuter than the scooter.

Threw a Halloween dinner.

Got a new puppy.
He has ADHD and springs for legs.
And short guy syndrome.
All 10 pounds of him.
Meet Roscoe, my little guy.

Oh yeah, one more little thing....I got ENGAGED!
Love, love, love this man!

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Leslie said...

OHHHHHHHH HELLO stranger!!! I am so glad you found love!!!!! Happy that you are happy! Did you meet him in the grocery store line??