Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pesto Asparagus with Chevre

Spring has begun.
Primroses are at the store for sale.
Asparagus is 87 cents a pound.
And birds are back.
I love to listen to the birds singing as dusk begins.
They have so much to chatter about when they come home to nest for the night.
I often wonder if they talk about their day and who had the closest encounter with my cat, who has the best feathers or if one tree of birds is the bad neighborhood that little birds are told to stay away from.
They settle me with their singing and I am in awe of creation.
There is so much in nature we are out of touch with anymore.
We have covered everything with concrete and the only thing left in the neighborhood seems to be ants, flies and mosquitos.
And birds thank goodness.

So, 87 cents a pound for asparagus.
And does anyone know where the cents key is on a Mac?
I could make a meal out of just asparagus, steamed corn or a baked potato.
Or ice cream.
Or some days Tequila.

Back to asparagus.
First, I hate the tips.
I know, I am the only one.
Send me a stamped envelope and I will send the tips to you.

This is quick, fresh and garlicky.
Probably good for keeping vampires away.
Although after the Twilight movie I am not so sure I would send some of them away.

serves 4

24 spears asparagus, washed and ends snapped off
Kosher salt
1/2 c pesto, lightly warmed
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
2-4 oz chevre goats cheese, crumbled
12 large basil leaves, chiffonade
1-2 oz pine nuts, whole or smashed

Steam asparagus for 3-4 minutes until just tender when pierced with a sharp knife.
Drain well and pat dry with a few paper towels, then plate.
Toss a good pinch of salt over asparagus.
Drizzle pesto over asparagus.
Sprinkle garlic on top.
Then crumbled chevre.
Then basil chiffonade. To chiffonade, place leaves on top of each other and tightly roll them. Using a very sharp small knife, slice into fine strips.
Then pine nuts. Smashing them is very easy using the flat side of a large knife and pounding with your hand or fist.
Serve hot or at room temperature.

If you have this platter, don't put hot asparagus on it. It took about 3 minutes, then I heard a snap and had to toss the whole thing. I loved this platter, loved it. Luckily I had two. And there was more asparagus to eat in the kitchen. Yum.

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