Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Down In History

I love this quote.

I haven't been cooking or working or basically anything because my shoulder blade feels like it got hit with a baseball bat.
Welcome to the world of old grocery checkers.
No wonder they make jokes of us on commercials.
Instead there has been....
heating pads (mmm)
ice packs (aack)
reading (inspiring)
lots of boredom (yawn)
5 more pounds on my ass (ick)

So I present you with my finely tuned artistic skills.
Spray paint and stick on letters.
Obviously I don't sign my work.

I did this a couple weeks ago, it is a day and a half (dry time) project, and lettering can be spaced or sized in any form. My 2" letters were not all the same height so I had to work with that, and I mostly wanted them to touch each other but an i next to an h just didn't work, and some letters have so much more width that it took a little rearranging to get the look close to even. Believe it or not, that spacing is pretty good. Perfection? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I also like the look of gloss and flat on this, it makes the words have more importance. I have a feeling my daughters will take this the next time they are here. I think this would be a great nagging tool. Put chores on canvas. The kids will love you.

This is a 20"x16" canvas that I got on sale, spray paint I had in the cupboard and 2" vinyl letters.
*I sprayed the canvas gloss pink all across the top, and let dry overnight.
*Marked the vertical and horizontal edges of the canvas at the middle points with a black marker (it would be covered later).
*Applied lettering according to the spacing I had decided on. Since there were 6 lines of words, then 3 words above and 3 words below the middle. I began with the second 'r' in 'rarely', placing the bottom edge of it 2" below the center point and even with the center point horizontally. Then outwards with each letter. Then on to the next word at 2" below the bottom of 'rarely' being the bottom edge of 'make', continuing until done. If you have an even amount of letters in a word they will split half to the right of the center point and half to the left. If the amount of letters in a word are odd, then the middle letter will straddle the center point.
*Sprayed the canvas top and sides with flat black.
*Dried about 1-2 hours, until dry to touch (the letters seem to pull less paint if you don't wait too long).
*Removed the letters using an exacto knife to help lift the edges.
*Ta daa.
Here is the full version.

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Leslie said...

Amber, Amber Amber...You always crack me up w/your brutally honest comments! I agree on you philosophy on bombing the walmart when all the "living off the government" people..that have keep their legs open to every man who has walked by..just to have babies, so we can pay for them! Amen sister!
I do feel like I need to sanitize my whole body after leaving the "The House full of plastic shit"(what I like to call Walmart). I cant stand the place..but the prices on the damn paper towels, t-p and deodorant sucks me in about once a month!
And I wonder why I am not getting emails when you post anew post?