Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This man gives me hope.
He makes me proud to be an American at last.
I actually cried when I found out it was over and that he had won.
I feel we as Americans can hold our heads up high in the world now.
Finally we the people have a voice.

I consider myself a Christian.
One who cares about human rights, animal rights and environmental rights, all the creations of God.
I have been so hugely offended for so long by the religious right which assumes I follow their dictatorship.

I am proud of America.
We have crossed lines that never should have been.
We have voted in numbers not seen before.
We are not indifferent.
We needed a leader that we could follow.
He gave our youth a reason to care.



Vera said...

Well, I'm not American but I totally agree with you, Amber!

eLiZaBeTh said...

I found you via journal. I read your comment and followed to your blog! I just left a lengthy comment on another blog that I really enjoyed, but after reading about how dismayed the author was about Barack winning the election, I might not be returning. It wasn't the blog post or the author, it was the comments that her readers left that really got to me. Most of the readers are Christian too, and so am I, maybe that is why it bothered me so much. I love Jesus and I want more from my country than where we are now, you know? Why is that so bad? The comments were hurtful and I don't think that it is a blog that I will return to for a while. Anyway, I am filled to the brim with HOPE. Because I know that YES.WE.CAN!

Susan said...

You should be SO proud. He is an amazing man, he is HOPE and this speaks SO much about a new America.

Sophia is too sweet. Thanks for stopping by Black Street. cheers, S.

I'll be back for some recipes. Yum.

Mim said...

Loved your post .. am hopeful too.
Isn't that the fun of bloggers...finding new people to meet.
And thanks for your kind words..
yes pet lovers.
We've had a grueling week,but Bailey is laying next to me.
He made it through his first night at home.. gently.
Sophia.. sweet.
Can't wait to read more of your blog.
Re; dismayed when I read Christians saying such cruel and mean things about him.
Thanks again.

Heather said...


BumbleVee said...

thank you Amber for visiting my blog... your title is enticing and now I must scroll looking for food and recipes.... lol....

It really is a shame how things have shaped up in the radical segment isn't it? I know there are huge numbers of non radical Christians who celebrate a peaceful love of life and respect all others regardless of colour and creed.... .. am happy to count some good friends among them...but, some of the blogs I used to visit have certainly shown many to be almost possessed in their beliefs. It seems crazy doesn't it?...

I, too wept as we sat and watched the tears streaming down the faces of the crowds at the final speech. For so many....I hope he has the time and strength to do so much....

Peabody said...

I cried as well. And I am only half American. ;)