Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dress Selection, Augh

So, what is an appropriate dress in this situation?
'The situation' you say?
No, I am not getting married at the Jersey Shore.
Although they would make an interesting table at the reception.


But then so would the Hell's Angels.

Interesting, not enjoyable.

Well I did find a dress by Teri Jon at a local boutique, that is if they can order one in my size.
Triple what I had hoped to pay unfortunately BUT....this is actually a dress that could be worn again & again.
Holidays, a cruise, Paris, New York, etc..
The hints are for Fred.
It is sheath in shape, sort of boat neck which looks great on me, I thought beige but the website says platinum, cutwork style fabric with a scallop hem, with clear sequence and so much prettier than in the photo.
This is the very first dress that grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
If I eventually get tired of the sparkle I can clip the sequence off, if I get totally bored I can shorten it into a blouse.

See, simple and sophisticated.
Maybe a bit of a 'Mad Men' theme.
I should probably watch the show then.

That is not me in the photo.


Ms. Essa said...

Beautiful dress! Great wedding dress choice.

Amber said...

It was the first choice, they can not order my size and I will never wear a 6. But I found another one, just as lovely and 75% less. Yay, one door closes, another opens. Kisses....