Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And So We Begin

And so we begin.
Planning has sort of begun now.
I need to have a place to start from, I think most of us do in order to plan a successful party.
I suppose some people just go and get married.
That is fine if it is what works for them.
But it doesn't work for me.
If I just went and 'Did It' I would always be resentful and have so many regrets.
There are some gorgeous city halls to get married in.
Take San Francisco for example, everything about is is beautiful....

Yeah, my city hall doesn't look anything like that.
Plus they over charged me for months on my water bill so I sort of hate them.

But then there are also some tacky sad city hall weddings.
This couple doesn't even look happy.
Maybe it is because everything around her is dirty.

Besides I sort of have an issue with getting married by the government.
Well actually I have an issue with the government in general.
So I don't really want them involved in a moment that means everything to me.
I would much prefer God to be involved.
It just seems that a marriage is a bit spiritual.

Celebrating is important to me.
It makes the moments of our lives have a bit more significance.
We celebrate holidays, birthdays and the Super Bowl.
I think getting married is just as important.
I want to celebrate our marriage sort of like this....

beautiful shot

This is the wedding of my dreams that was held in Guatemala at dusk.
Old buildings, just enough decor, love all around.

the perfect altar

So, I just ordered a dress.
A lot like the original Teri Jon one I found for $600 in style but no sequins and I love it just as much plus it was 75% less.
Very wearable again, hence cruises, Paris, new years, etc..
Now I have to lose like 850 pounds.
Just kidding.
Kidding about the 850.
I definitely will have to lose and firm but what a great reason to do so.
Marrying the man I waited 53 years to find.

This was the original dress I wanted, but it was sold out at the designers.
Unless I want to travel the country to try & find one.


Well surprise surprise....
The dress from Cache just arrived.
2 days after I ordered it online.
Simply beautiful!!!
I am now drinking V8 because after looking at it I have decided I am a blimpo.
It is 10 times more gorgeous than the photo I saw.
Sophisticated and glamorous, exactly what I hoped for.

Now we have a place to begin from.
I have a belief that there are three ways to decide the style of your wedding....
* Venue and season or
* Style of the brides dress or
* What ever is the fantasy you have in your heart.
You can base every idea and decision off of any of these ideas.
I didn't have a fantasy, well not a wedding fantasy anyway, I prefer the naughty kind.
I love a bit of almost everything when it comes to wedding styles.
I did know what I didn't want though regarding decor etc..
Nothing homespun & no girly fou fou.
I like elegance or crazy fun.
Perhaps I can pull off a bit of both.
You know the more I write or talk the more my head spins with ideas.

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