Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raw Vegan And Surfers

Fried Avocado Mini-Tostado
Crispy Buckwheat Shell, Spicy Peppita Sauce, Chopped Spinach, Cilantro, Corn, Juliened Zucchini or Cucumber and Fried Avocado.

My favorite....
Chipotle Ranch Wrap
Carrot Flax Wrap filled with Spinach, Green Onions, Chopped Farm Fresh Vegetables, Peppita queso and Chipotle Ranch Dressing.

Portobello Soft Tacos
Marinated Portobello Taco with Spicy Cheese, Corn, Red Bell Pepper, Cilantro Salsa and macadamia Sour Crème on a Flax Taco Shell.

I just spent a few days with my daughters, one of which eats very healthy, vegan whenever possible. In Southern California many restaurant offer vegetarian and vegan on their menus because everyone weighs 110 pounds around there. Yes I am a whale.

I like to eat healthy because it tastes good and it feels good and then I can eat crappy with a clear conscience. I can do vegetarian very easily, but vegan means no dairy, no honey, no eggs, no anything that comes from an animal. What about happy cows in California? Yeah, I am not going to give up my cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream or honey. I just want the animals treated well. Dominion = compassionate responsibility. I wish Christianity would realize that.

If we are going to do this then let's do it right. Raw vegan. Where I live a restaurant like that would last about 45 minutes, just long enough for the taco trucks to roll by.

So we went to one of her favorites '118 Degrees' in Costa Mesa which only offers raw vegan. To explain from their menu....
Why 118 Degrees?
118 Degrees is the commonly accepted temperature at which the natural enzyme value and nutritional contents of raw plant foods begin to break down and become useless for the body. One benefit of eating raw food is the energy derived from the enzymes and phyto-nutrients available in foods that are still living!
Nut Cheese?

Many people ask how we can have the word cheese on a vegan menu. The answer is that all of our cheeses are made by blending fresh herbs with sprouted nuts and seeds.

Unless you must have animal flesh to feel satiated this was really very good. Sort of like everything being a salad. We ordered the 3 items above, my favorite being the Chipotle Ranch Wrap.


Also going on was the U.S. Open Surf Championships.
Beach, sunshine, surfers and lifeguards?
You don't have to slap me upside the head twice.

Now I don't think I look too bad for my age.
But....there is nothing like walking down the beach with your two daughters for a quick reality check.

I did meet a nice male friend though.
His name is Parker.
Look at those eyes, they could make a woman melt.


MeL C said...

OMG Amber. Parker is soooooooooo CUTE

fromBAtoParis said...

Oh, I wish I coul be there surfing AND eating your delicious wraps and tacos !!!