Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The virgin post

As this is my very first post, I will probably be the only one who reads it. Until I become fabulously famous that is.

I believe in "Eat dessert first, you might choke on dinner". I do not share dessert as my sister Brandy found out when she chose not to order her own dessert, but when my piece of heaven on a plate came she foolishly said "Ooh that looks good, can I have a bite?". As everyone else at the table sort of gasped and I shot poison knives and forks at her with my eyes, she decided to eat her words instead. Sweet, silly, naive Brandy. I will buy you dessert but I do not share unless it is mutual and what you have looks better than what I have.

Of chocolate and mangos...
I can not live without chocolate, and I prefer milk chocolate, so all you dark chocolates snobs can just go away and eat yours silently in a dark closet somewhere. I think chocolate is the reason that more women do not kill their husbands. We all know that husbands deserve to be punished. I mean what woman would ever think to say to another person "Do you really need that dessert?" Only a man would be that stupid. Yes we need it. Otherwise we buy guns and start wars.

And mangos... sweet and fragrant, luscious and heavenly, juicy and perfect, soft and wonderful, and worth every flippin dollar they cost. God bless the mango pickers. Mangos are probably the perfect fruit. Actually all fruits are perfect but mangos are definitely my favorite.

This is a good beginning. And Sophia needs to go for a walk.


Jaime said...

i think we share the same food philosophy -dessert first and dark chocolate sucks :) you're my food twin ;)

HoneyB said...

I am impressed! Admittedly I love dark chocolate, but I love milk chocolate too. I hope that doesn't make me a chocolate snob? :-)

Welcome to blogland, I think your blog is one I am going to enjoy!