Saturday, June 14, 2008

Number 2

Number 2 makes me think of childhood slang. Weird sense of humor, I know. And as an adult it reminds me of Austin Powers. But this is my 2nd post after all so it just makes sense as my title.

Anyways, here is an update on my changing life. I have joined "Daring Bakers" which is very exciting and the reason I have started a blog which I must to do for other reasons also, but this was the push I needed. It is fun how when one door opens lots of windows come with it. Now there is some pretty bad computer humor for you.

Okay...I found "Tastespotting" which led me to everything which led me to "Daring Bakers" which led me to bloggers which means I am so far in over my head with food and sites and such that my brain is spinning with excitement and my tongue is dripping with desire. I kept seeing photos of Daring Baker challenges and the last was of the Opera cake that everyone made, and they all looked beautiful and yummy.

Regarding my first post, I do not share dessert unless it is meant for more than one person, like a cake, then I make lots of friends because I am very generous with big stuff. Back to the subject (see what 50 does to your memory). So I now have my first Daring Bakers" challenge and my first thought was - Oh my! It is a challenge alright. But that is definitely what I need in my life at this time. It is too easy to get comfortable and I do believe that we need to step outside our comfort zone in order to fully LIVE life. I want stories that will make my grandchildren gasp someday, though I don't have any yet, grandchildren that is. Yes I know that baking a cake will not make them gasp, but one day when I am 8O and freeing elephants from zoos they will. Back to the subject again. So now I need a digital camera, then I need to find out how to upload photos, and I really need a more creative photo of myself too.

I did make the very best, most yummy, non skinny, stuffed portabella mushrooms. I will make them again soon and post photos and pay more attention to amounts of ingredients if possible.
Until next time...

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HoneyB said...

The non skinny stuffed portabello's sound yummy - can't wait for more!