Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Ode To Feta

I am so not loving customers this weekend!!!
We have 5 things we are supposed to do besides ring up and bag the groceries and take the money.
I smiled, I greeted, I engaged when I saw 3, count them, 3, containers of feta cheese by saying.
"What are you making with all this feta?"
Her response?
"You shouldn't comment on people's groceries."
It's not like she bought small size condoms and I said, "Whoa, bummer."
It is a eff'n grocery store, we sell groceries. That's what we talk about. What the hell should I talk about?
Nice weather.
How about them Yankee's.
My bunions are really painful today.
So, I continue ringing up the wench's groceries without saying a word until the end when I say as I am required to...."Is there anything else you need?"
Her response?
"You need to just stop talking."
So I circle her savings, and tell her how much she saved and say thank you, knowing that my speaking was unacceptable in her world of the damned.
She takes her groceries to the car.
I am now in tears.
She comes back in to complain that she has been made to feel poor by myself and others.
I may never eat feta again.
Oh, and I don't actually have bunions.

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