Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keep Calm And Carry On

Good advice in these stressful times.
Sort of pull yourself up by the bootstraps, but a little softer which we all need right now.

As I have said before, I follow a lot of cooking, entertaining and design blogs.
What a geek.

This, I believe is from a British World War 2 poster and it is everywhere. British seems to have a strong influence right now with crowns, the Union Jack, the Queen, etc., even replacing French a little. French is romantic, British is fun.
Any way, I like to change everything a little, paint, glitter, rearrange my house, frame, unframe, whatever.

When I made the glittered silhouettes I was so pleased. This project made me just as happy with the results. Again, easy and quick, but a little more money due to the crystal letters and such. So very girly and pretty though. It will be going to one of my daughters for her apartment. I am sure you could do a more manly version using different items.


5x7 frame, mine was $2 from Goodwill
Scrapbook paper, vibrant colors work best for the crystals to stand out
Crystal letters with sticky back, I needed 2 sheets, but here is what you will need because different companies provide different layouts
A x 3
C x 2
D x 1
E x 2
K x 1
L x 1
M x 1
N x 2
O x 1
P x 1
R x 2
Y x 1
Crystal crown with sticky back
Crystals in a color that match the scrapbook paper to replace if necessary, mine had 5 pink ones and they didn't work

Ruler, clear is best

Paint the frame if you want to in your choice of color.
Mark your cut on the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame, but don't cut yet.
Figure the layout of lines. I had 5 lines of words and 1 line for the crown.
Then on the outer edge of the piece you will be framing, mark the horizontal lines as a guide. Also at the outside edge again, top and bottom, mark your center guides.
Save the crown for last.
DOUBLE CHECK YOUR GUIDELINES! Remember, measure twice, cut once. In this case it is measure twice or repurchase everything and start over.
I started from the top and worked down which was easiest, using a ruler as my guide following the horizontal guidelines on the edges.
Also, work the the center and then out.
Before placing the crown, using craft or regular tweezers remove any colored crystals that don't work with your paper.
Place your crown, then using tweezers, place new crystals in the color of your choice.
Set in frame, I prefer without glass because the sparkles are so much prettier.
Ta daa!

This is how I made mine, but you could change anything to your liking. If you have bigger letters, then use a bigger frame. If you use darker letters then use lighter paper. I think cut black foam core with crystal letters set on a black plate stand would look great. You could use a metal crown, vintage gilded paper ephemera, look through the card supplies, scrap booking supplies, jewelry supplies, in your local craft store, thrift store, etc.. Think outside the box, make it personal and have fun.


Leslie said...

Well, arent you the crafy? These are too cute. I love anything and everything sparkly!

June Pfaff Daley said...

Hi Amber-

This is too cool. Love it!

I'm also replying about my lunch surveys...would love for you girls to enjoy it and please send me a pix of the table settings!!
hugs, : ) June