Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Devil Cat

I love dogs. Dogs adore you. Dogs want to please you. Dogs are appreciative.

Cats are snobs.

And my cat has a goal to kill every bird that ever lived.
She has tortured and killed every sweet little baby dove in a three county area this summer.
3 days ago I hear this fuss in the back yard and I see a bird fly away.
Tegan the devil cat has a huge blue jay in her mouth. It is huge and the other one got away. When I yelled at her and started towards her she opened her mouth and it flew away as fast as possible. I have thrown so many large glasses of water on her that the water police would have a fit. 2 weeks ago I had my back door open in the morning and I am on the phone and I hear flapping. A bird is in my house. The poor thing is probably thinking 'Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Cat house. Get out. Get out now. Cat. Mean cat.' Sophia thinks it is a fun thing to play with but she doesn't understand how delicate they are. It finally flew away when I opened all the doors. Of course it pooped first.
Sophia is very motherly. She will protect Tegan if there is another cat in the back yard. But Sophia will also protect the birds if Tegan gets one. So yesterday about 5 Sophia starts having a fit. I let her out to see what it is. Oh and of course devil cat has a new victim in some weeds. Yes I have lots of weeds. I yell. She runs. Sophia to the rescue. Tegan has someones pet bird! OMG! This little thing is about to be a long slow dinner. A PET! I hate my cat.

Sweet innocent little scared bird.

I borrowed a cage from the pet store. I have bird feeders outside for all the birds and I hate putting anything in a cage but this little guy wouldn't last an hour outside of one between hunger and safety.

So today I am off to make copies of found bird notices and buy lots and lots and lots of bells for Tegans collar, lots of bells.

I hate my cat.

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Leslie said...

LOL..I know its sad for the little birds..but this post made me laugh!! I HATE MY CAT! LOL